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Practice/Industry Group Overview

Adams and Reese attorneys understand that intellectual property is a valuable asset in any business model, and stand ready to help your company protect and increase the value of those assets. Our team knows where and how technology intersects with law, and we command a broad understanding of intellectual property and the technologies to which its concepts apply.

Our view of the legal treatment of intellectual property is balanced and integrated, keeping in mind that rapidly developing technologies occur amid legal systems steeped in traditions and principles that are often slow to change. Our goal is to help our clients prosper in this exciting and promising field by paving their way with timely, resourceful and critical legal advice and service.

Our Attorneys

Adams and Reese maintains an experienced team of full-time intellectual property attorneys with backgrounds in many technical fields connected to IP, including physics, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, biology, chemistry and computer and life sciences, as well as work experience in a wide variety of industries. Speaking the language of your industry and understanding the value of branding, trade secrets and proprietary solutions helps us to quickly assess and develop recommendations that will serve your business long term.

Core Practice and Clients

Adams and Reese serves a diverse group of clients in communications/entertainment, computer hardware and software, consumer and industrial electronics, chemical, oil, gas and energy, internet and cyberspace, and the optics industry, among others. We represent large international concerns, emerging companies as well as universities and research organizations.

Patents: Patents are the cornerstone of any intellectual property strategy.  Our patent practice will help you assess your technology and create a strategy to protect proprietary rights.  Our team conducts patent searches, evaluates patentability, prepares and prosecutes patent applications before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and handles reexaminations, patent licensing, technology transfers and outsourcing. We also render opinions concerning, and litigate if necessary, patent infringement matters across a broad range of industry and technology.

Trademarks: Trademarks and the goodwill associated with a company’s name is likely the most valuable asset of any company.  The broad experience and knowledge of our attorneys enables us to provide legal counsel to identify, preserve and enhance a company’s trademarks and the reputation associated therewith, as well as enforce the right to exclude competitors from exploiting your goodwill.  Our attorneys assist in the selection of trademarks, conduct trademark clearance searches, prosecute trademark applications before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, create and execute licensing strategies, enforce trademark rights and litigate trademark infringement and related actions.

Copyrights: We offer knowledge and experience in copyright protections for works such as software, fashion, musical recordings and literary works. We assist a variety of clients in advisory services, registration with the U.S. Copyright Office, assignments, licensing, contract development and negotiation and enforcement.

IP Litigation: Our attorneys also know how to enforce intellectual property rights or defend clients against claims of infringement. We have extensive experience in trade secret theft, confidentiality violations, non-compete agreements, antitrust litigation and investigation, patent, trademark and unfair competition litigation and copyright litigation. Our attorneys offer contract litigation as well as alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and civil procedures for business conflicts, including pre-litigation analysis and investigation. We have also represented clients regarding Federal and International Trade Commission issues.

Internet and Cyberspace: We advise our clients on the acquisition, maintenance and enforcement of rights in domain names, as well as the protection of proprietary rights to materials published on the Web. Our attorneys have extensive experience in dealing with specific Internet use issues, such as e-commerce, Internet law, cybersquatting, and with the intellectual property and commercial issues that relate to transactions and Internet use. We manage trademark and advertising issues and represent private interests in areas of public law that deal with the Internet (e.g. the Communications Decency Act).  We have extensive experience in enforcing clients’ rights to domains through UDRP proceedings. We also handle enforcement and defense matters impacted by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, including anti-circumvention issues and safe harbor provisions for online service providers.

By choosing Adams and Reese, you reduce the head count of experts, potential cost and failure rate because we can help you understand the risk, financing and insurance issues associated with complex IP development and enforcement.  Many lawyers write patents; we help you understand the rationale for IP protection and how to leverage what you own.