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Diversity at Bernstein Shur

Diversity is one of Bernstein Shur’s core values and is an important component of the firm’s strategic plan. We believe that recognizing and celebrating individual differences across a wide spectrum of attributes encourages greater creativity, enabling our professionals to produce better results for clients in a socially responsible workplace.

The firm’s Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer are committed to sustaining a dynamic work environment where attorneys and staff can realize their full potential irrespective of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, country of origin, disability, or age.

We recognize that we have a growing responsibility to do our best to ensure that Bernstein Shur’s workforce mirrors the increasing level of diversity within our community and our clients’ organizations. Attention to issues of diversity is critical for the success of our clients and the firm in the multicultural global economy.

To build on our historical commitment, Bernstein Shur established a permanent Diversity Committee. The Committee is composed of shareholders and associates, the Chief Executive Officer, the Director of Attorney Recruiting and the Human Resources Manager. The Committee meets to discuss diversity-related strategies and to ensure that Bernstein Shur’s recruiting, mentoring, and retention programs are aligned with the firm’s diversity goals. Representative members attend diversity programs on a regular basis.

Working families with children represent a significant proportion of Bernstein Shur’s diverse workforce. Consequently, we are careful to consider the unique needs of these working parents. We are convinced that finding flexible solutions (e.g., the adoption of a progressive parental leave policy that includes leave for domestic partners, and the provision of domestic partner health care benefits) enables us to attract and retain the most talented attorneys and staff.