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Diversity at Brunini, Grantham, Grower & Hewes, PLLC


Diversity Practiced Here

Brunini is respected throughout the region for passionate, vigorous and ethical representation of clients across a range of industries and with a variety of legal needs. To deliver what our clients deserve and expect – our best – we approach issues from a multitude of perspectives, drawn from the different backgrounds and experiences of our legal teams.

A Culture of Inclusion

Because we believe that not only our clients, but also we as a Firm derive benefit when people with many points of view bring their talents, training and experiences together, Brunini has actively fostered a culture of inclusion within our Firm.  We purposefully and continually demonstrate our commitment to developing and maintaining an environment that not only encourages, but also embraces contributions from all sources – in the courtroom, in the boardroom, and most importantly, around our own conference tables.

Why It Matters

The cornerstone of Brunini’s success resides in our ability to deliver our best to our clients, without fail, each and every day. In our relentless pursuit of the exceptional, we measure by one yardstick only – the quality of our work.

To satisfy these standards requires not only the highest caliber of legal training and experience, but also an ability to apply unique perspectives and fresh approaches to resolve issues.  At Brunini creative thinking thrives. We nurture an environment that encourages people with different backgrounds and life experiences to attain their potential, and to contribute in every way possible to achieve the results that our clients expect and deserve.