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Burr has been called upon to represent clients who designed, manufactured, constructed and/or sold a product or service thought to be safe but is later alleged to be defective and resulting in injury or death.

Many of these cases involve complex discovery and challenges to so-called experts that Burr’s attorneys are ready and willing to defend.

Product Recalls
Aviation Accidents
Automobile/Trucking Accidents
Construction / Workplace Accidents
Pharmaceutical / Medical Devices
Equipment, Power Tools & Other Consumer Products
Warranty Claims
Forrest Product Litigation (Pulp, paper, and timber)


Class Action
Retained to defend manufacturer of submersible underground water pumps in class action by private well owners alleging water contamination and increased cancer risks due to leaking lubricants and obtained dismissal of suit without payment of indemnity.

Consolidated Claims
Retained to defend mining company in consolidated claims filed on behalf of over 200 coal miners alleging respiratory injuries from inhalation of isocyanate-based coal dust suppressant.

Ephedra Food Supplement Claims
Retained to represent bottler of ephedra food supplements against claims arising in Arkansas, Arizona and Florida.

First Known Lawsuit Regarding Sino-Nasal Cancer
Retained as local counsel representing two power hand tool manufacturers in first known lawsuit alleging sino-nasal cancer from wood dust exposure and obtained dismissal with prejudice without payment of any indemnity dollars.

General Torts
Defense of national snack food/drink brand in consumer product claims.