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One of our great strengths is large loss subrogation and recovery. Being on "first call" for an investigation lets us preserve evidence and position the matter for recovery from the outset. We have access to prime experts in many fields, and we, ourselves, put tremendous time and effort into understanding the scientific and engineering side of every case.

Articles Authored by Lawyers at this office:

Men are Entitled to Harassment-Free Workplaces, Too!
Kimberly A. Ross, February 09, 2015
Yes, it’s true that women can sexually harass men. It’s more common than one may expect, which leads to the problem of both preventing and correcting that kind of harassment.

NLRB Clamps Down On Employers’ Email Policies
Kimberly A. Ross, February 09, 2015
In yet another pro-employee decision, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has held that company policies that limit the use of the company’s email for only business related purposes violate Section 7 of the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) because they unduly interfere with...

New Jersey Judges Not Permitted to Speak Ex Parte with Jurors
Frederick E. Blakelock, February 09, 2015
On December 23, 2014, the New Jersey Supreme Court held that New Jersey state court judges are not permitted to speak with jurors after a verdict has been issued, except in very limited circumstances where a showing is made that the jury’s decision may have been tainted by misconduct. The...

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
Kimberly A. Ross, February 09, 2015
Over the years, I’ve become somewhat skeptical in my employment law practice from seeing case after case where employment claims were entirely preventable, if only the employer would have properly managed its employees, including terminating when it was evident that the employee’s...

Pennsylvania Supreme Court to Decide Need for Valuable Consideration in Non-Compete Agreement
Frederick E. Blakelock, February 09, 2015
In what will be a case of first impression, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has agreed to hear argument on whether Pennsylvania’s Uniform Written Obligations Act (“UWOA”) relieves an employer of its obligation under Pennsylvania common law to provide an existing employee with...

The Season Of Giving: Pennsylvania Supreme Court Finds Bad Faith Claims To Be Assignable
Richard D. Gable, February 09, 2015
Rejecting the holdings of two recent decisions by the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania held in a 5-to-1 ruling that claims under Pennsylvania’s Bad Faith Statute (42 Pa.C.S. § 8371) are assignable to injured third parties. The decision, Allstate Prop....

Trying to Upend the Workers’ Compensation Act in Florida
David A. Mercer, February 09, 2015
A recent and unusual opinion out of the Circuit Court for Miami-Dade County may, at the minimum, be a harbinger for changes to come to Florida’s Workers’ Compensation Act. At the maximum, it could also provide the basis for thousands of potential liability lawsuits.