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Tom Gorman


Tom GormanIt was Tom Gorman's natural curiosity that nudged him towards law school and to a legal career: which he has always found to be fun and interesting and that has run the socio-economic gamut-from his early days with the P.D.'s office, conducting intake interviews in the Cleveland City Jail holding cell to his work today for Porter Wright, dealing with crime. Through it all, Mr. Gorman holds firm with the belief that "it doesn't take much to make a difference."
One look at all that Mr. Gorman has accomplished supports that philosophy as his ongoing efforts influence substantial changes. While he entertains plans for a future that includes writing a book and teaching securities litigation courses so he can show students how such practice actually works, for now he stays busy in a number of areas. Mr. Gorman has authored or co-authored 16 articles, presided at the dais for numerous speaking engagements, acted as an ABA panel chairman, and practiced in a wide range of civil and criminal securities and business litigation matters. He modestly admits that his most significant work was securing reparation funding for a U.S. citizen who'd survived WWII internment in Nazi concentration camps, a legal experience Mr. Gorman describes as "unique because everyone involved worked together for the good of the plaintiff."
To balance his work, Mr. Gorman makes sure that fun remains a key component in his life, be it showing quarter horses, cooking (planning and preparing appetizers through dessert, though pie crust remains unpredictable), or traveling (Rome is his favorite place). Once, in Kenya on safari, Mr. Gorman sat in an open jeep surrounded by lions. From that experience, he learned that it's the predators' place (hmmm, maybe not unlike his days in the Cleveland jail holding cell) and "don't get in their way." Fortunately Mr. Gorman resisted his natural inclination to reach out as it probably wouldn't have taken much, in quite another way, to make a difference.