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Welcome to the Martindale-Hubbell Career Center. Our goal is to help attorneys, paralegals, law school students and legal professionals develop their careers and find legal jobs in law firms, corporations and other employers of legal talent.
If you are an employer, posting your job opening on martindale.com guarantees unparalleled visibility to attorneys, paralegals and other active and passive legal job seekers. In addition, our resume database allows access to unique resumes of lawyers, paralegals, law school students and other legal professionals.

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Tom Gorman
It was Tom Gorman's natural curiosity that nudged him towards law school and to a legal career: which he has always found to be fun and interesting and that has run the socio-economic gamut-from his early days with the P.D.'s office, conducting intake interviews in the Cleveland City Jail holding cell to his work today for Porter Wright, dealing with crime. Through it all, Mr. Gorman holds firm with the belief that "it doesn't take much to make a difference."
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Do not wear headphones in your office.  Ever.  Period.  Let me explain.  

I. The Generational Gap

In every legal practice, there is a distinct age and generational gap between the oldest and youngest attorneys in the office.  As a rule, it is the responsibility of the new lawyers to impress the more senior attorneys.  This is how we move forward, this is how we build relationships, and this is how we learn and perfect our craft.  

II. The Message Headphones Send To Your Colleagues

Now, I can assure you

I am a Job Seeker...

Find jobs, manage your
resumes and set up job

I am an Employer...

Quickly post job openings
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What, precisely, is going to set you apart in the marketplace over the next few years? Would you like to develop a specialized expertise in a particular technical area, in certain types of transaction, in the problems of certain types of clients? You probably can develop cutting-edge expertise in any one of these, but not all of them simultaneously. For strategies and insights, visit the Lexis Hub.
Professionally, When Should a Woman Act More Like a Man (and Vice Versa?)
Women have made great strides in the workplace over the last several decades, but continue encountering a glass ceiling when it comes to landing top positions. Demonstrating the right mix of behaviors at work is a delicate balancing act. More on how to appear self confident without a negative backlash by visiting the Lexis Hub.
Steps for Mapping Your Hunt for a Job in the Legal Profession
Legal job searches are kind of like treasure hunts these days---you want the prize, and you've embarked on the expedition, but the gold is really hard to find. Maybe it's time to toss the treasure map and get creative with your job search. Sending stacks of resumes may not be good enough anymore-add to your job search with some informational interviews. For a list of strategies, visit the Lexis Hub.


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