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HTMLAct 13 Declared Unconstitutional: Violates Environmental Rights Amendment
Caroselli Beachler McTiernan Conboy LLC;
Legal Alert/Article
March 28, 2014
The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania recently issued a Decision dated December 19, 2013 declaring major portions of Act 13, (the 2012 Amendments to the Pennsylvania Oil and Gas Act enacted by the Pennsylvania Legislature and signed by Governor Tom Corbett) unconstitutional. In doing so, the majority...


HTMLVictim May Bring New Suit for Mesothelioma despite Earlier Asbestos Suit
Caroselli Beachler McTiernan Conboy LLC;
Legal Alert/Article
March 11, 2014
Exposure to asbestos can cause a variety of serious diseases and, unfortunately, the diagnosis of such diseases may not come until decades after the exposure. Further complicating the matter, the asbestos-related diseases may not develop in the same timeframe.


HTMLNursing Home's Management Company Could Be Liable For Victim's Death
William R. Caroselli; Caroselli, Beachler, McTiernan & Conboy, LLC;
Legal Alert/Article
February 21, 2014
When a person dies due to the negligence of others, those responsible should be held accountable. However, what if multiple parties, such as a nursing home as well as its management company, might both be responsible? The Pennsylvania Supreme Court reviewed such a situation in the case of Scampone...


HTMLBack to Basics: Drowsy Driving Poses a Real Threat
Caroselli Beachler McTiernan Conboy LLC;
Legal Alert/Article
February 12, 2014
With all the emphasis in recent years on reducing traffic accidents caused by things like intoxication or distracted driving, it can be easy to overlook the more basic safety concerns like drowsy driving. As relatively innocuous as it may sound in comparison to other dangerous driving behaviors,...


HTMLRecent Pennsylvania Plane Crash Fatally Injures Two Victims
Caroselli Beachler McTiernan Conboy LLC;
Legal Alert/Article
February 3, 2014
For many people in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, reading or hearing about a plane crash is a rare incident, but for people who fly frequently or work in the aviation industry, these accidents are a real risk. The steep consequences of aviation accidents were highlighted recently in a Pennsylvania...