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Our reputation in criminal tax defense helped develop our strengths in white collar crime defense since there is significant overlap in the types of skills needed to successfully defend criminal tax and white collar criminal investigations and prosecutions.

The potential damage to reputation along with other devastating consequences that can result from white collar crime prosecutions informs Chamberlain Hrdlicka’s aggressive approach to preventing indictments. Our attorneys utilize their knowledge of government investigative technique and procedure to mount the best defense upfront to convince government decision-makers that the case is not worthy of prosecution.

If the case moves forward, our experience has taught us to focus on preparation through exhaustive fact-finding, pursuit of all possible defenses, and creative use of experts. Our no-stone-left-unturned approach means that a client can be assured that Chamberlain Hrdlicka will provide the best possible defense to its case should an indictment occur. Our attorneys also have extensive experience in negotiating highly favorable plea deals based on their thorough knowledge of the United States Federal Sentencing Guidelines, government pre-sentence reports (PSR’s), and other highly material factors that can affect sentencing. Some of our notable accomplishments in white collar crime defense:

  1. Prosecution declined by the Unites States Attorney respecting a national health care equipment supplier after lengthy investigation by multiple Federal agencies.
  2. Judgment of acquittal granted by the Court in the prosecution of banker for money laundering.
  3. Road contractor acquitted by jury in a bid rigging case.
  4. United States Attorney declines prosecution of a mortgage broker in a HUD fraud case.
  5. Bankruptcy fraud charge dismissed for a plea to a misdemeanor resulting in probation.

Types of White Collar Crime Services:

 Financial Crimes: Mail & wire fraud, conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and RICO violations.

Health Care Fraud: Medicare and/or Medicaid fraud, kickbacks and Stark, billing, insurance fraud

Banking and Financial Fraud: Embezzlement, money laundering, bankruptcy fraud, pension fund fraud, currency manipulation, other antitrust violations.

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act: Bribery and corrupt practices to obtain foreign or domestic business.

Environmental Fraud: Violations of the Clean Air Act, TNRCC, CERCLA, Solid Waste Disposal Act, and Clean Water Act.