(Almost) everything you wanted to know about Law Firm Online Marketing

Event in Focus

During June and July, we're focusing on a number of topics of areas of interest to law firm online marketers including ratings, profiles, social media, Search Engine Optimisation, website development and more.
We'll be asking the industry experts and Connected members the key questions that can help your practice improve including:
  • Why is online marketing so important for small firms and solo practitioners?
  • What are the critical components of a successful online marketing plan?
  • What are the greatest challenges faced by small and solo firms as they implement a successful marketing program?

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Here are a few of the conversations happening now...

Here are some of the questions these Lawcasts answered:
In three episodes of the martindale.com Connected Lawcast, we talked with some of the key people involved in the LexisNexis Ultimate Marketing Makeover Contest - the winners of which received over $50,000 worth of legal marketing expertise.
What are the most effective online marketing tools available to small law firms?

David Palmieri, Vice President and Managing Director of Marketing and Consumer Solutions at LexisNexis. Dave has more than a decade of experience in web-based businesses in information services, eecommerce, and online software
Find out what David says about the smart way to market your small law firm.
Are Profiles and Directory products still relevant to small law firms?

Len Gilbert, Vice President, Promotional Solutions for LexisNexis. Len is responsible for strategy and execution of client development products and services created to serve the legal community.
Len tells us his views on LinkedIn and other social media and whether law firm profiles and directory products are still relevant. Appreciating that lawyers are often very busy, Len provides some practical tips lawyers seeking to get the most out of their marketing investment. Len is responsible for strategy and execution of LexisNexis client development products and services created to serve the legal community.
Listen to Lens point of view on how to raise you own profile online and promote your law firm.
During the Legal Marketing Month we will be posting discussions, articles, and whitepapers to the Legal Marketing group. Join over 250 other legal professionals to access featured discussions such as:

Coming Up Next...

Check back with martindale.com Connected during June and July as we delve into all aspects of law firm marketing. Here are the topics that will be covered during the event with special downloads and exclusive content for each:

  • Social Media Marketing for Law Firms
  • Profiles, Directories, and Ratings for Lawyers
  • SEO and Law Firm Websites that Work
  • CRM: The Next Generation

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