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85% of clients prefer a lawyer who is funny. Okay, we just made that up, but there is no denying a sense of humor can help you in the business, at least to bear the brunt of your clients' lawyer jokes. Click here to find out what's so funny about the law.
How can a law firm boost their marketing using social media? What combination of tools works best? Why does a firm need a social media culture to make it all work? Find out what the experts have to say about these questions and more, by vising the Social Media Marketing event page. You can access tons of free resources to make it happen for your law firm.
Click here for full access to strategies that work.
July, 2011
During July, 2011 we focused on areas of interest to law firm online marketers including ratings, profiles, social media, Search Engine Optimisation, website development and more. Click here to access podcasts, an ebook, and other resources all for free!
The National Association of Women Lawyers ("NAWL") is "a national voluntary legal professional organization devoted to promoting the interests and progress of women lawyers and women's legal rights." To address the disparity of women leadership in law firms and legal departments, in 2006 the organization started The NAWL Challenge, a ten-year deadline to the legal industry to change. Click here to find learn more about NAWL
What happens when you can have dot-anything after your web address? The dot-com world is about to be rocked by approved changes from ICANN that will affect brand owners, lawyers, and Internet users alike. Click here to find out more.
May, 2011
It has been touted by some as an inventive new way to increase court access to individuals and small companies that do not possess the resources to shoulder the burden of litigation. Others, however, have derided it as a commercialization of litigation that should be banned because it is an unethical device that will further choke the nation's dockets. Like it or not, litigation financing has made its way from Australia to England to the United States.
April, 2011
When Apple decided to sell individual songs digitally instead of making consumers buy an entire album, it changed the music industry forever. A similar change now may be coming to the legal industry.
April, 2011
Corporate law departments have a duty to preserve evidence when they are notified that the company is being sued or when there is a reasonable chance the company is going to be sued.
April, 2011
To support and recognize the recently released LexisNexis/Pro Bono Net survey that examines legal professionals' motivations for doing pro bono work, Connected is hosting its second annual pro bono event in April 2011.
April, 2011
Looking to increase law firm revenues while keeping costs down? Most firms considering this question believe the answer is to acquire new clients, which often turns out to be an expensive, uncertain process for marketing and business development.
March, 2011
In an increasingly globalized economy, many foreign entrepreneurs want to start businesses or invest in the United States, but may be hesitant because of real or perceived immigration obstacles.
February, 2011
When work that is being outsourced involves the practice of law things can get prickly. How do you ensure quality? What are the ethical risks? How do you ensure sensitive data are secure?
December, 2010
Whether you are in-house or a private practice lawyer, the job easily can dominate your life, if you let it.
December, 2010
The doctrine of functionality is meant to ensure that useful designs or product features are not monopolized.
November, 2010
Join us for a one-hour webinar that will address the interplay between professional liability and general liability policies when both policies are implicated by one claim.
October, 2010
Beginning on April 20, 2010 the world watched as one of the worst environmental disasters in history unfolded in the Gulf of Mexico.
October, 2010
In these demanding times, we are all asked to do more with less, and the incentive to take shortcuts can undermine even the best corporate compliance programs.
September, 2010
Healthcare professionals are scrambling to figure out what the health care reform legislation changes about the way they do business.
August, 2010
Whether you are starting your first year of law school or you are a 3L preparing for on-campus interview season, strategies for success in law school are quite different from year to year.
June 18-30, 2010
Co-hosted with Alliance Partner Lex Mundi, the world's leading association of independent law firms, this event explores the results of a recent Martindale-Hubbell global survey, "Lawyer-to-Lawyer Referrals: A Global Perspective".
June 2-17, 2010
Have you ever downloaded or uploaded something on the Internet? We all have, but in today's world, where content is always just a click away, it can be difficult to determine which activities can get you in trouble.
May 17 - June 1, 2010
Featuring advice and guidance for attorneys, law students and individuals preparing for career transitions, from the law student preparing to graduate and take a position in a firm to the experienced attorney moving up the ladder.
May 3-15, 2010
Supports the publishing of a unique global benchmarking survey, which includes responses from the largest number of legal department participants in a survey of its kind.
April, 2010
The IRS has recently announced uncertain tax position reporting requirements under standards that are more extensive than FIN 48.
April, 2010
Pro Bono work presents an opportunity for lawyers to make a difference in the lives of clients in need. So how do lawyers get started?
March, 2010
Conducting business in the new markets often involves dealing with a whole new set of rules you may never have encountered before. Take this opportunity to learn the best practices for market entry and international business expansion.
March, 2010
Virtual law firms are growing in prominence and becoming a valuable alternative for corporate counsel who want to realize savings while maintaining quality.
February, 2010
The proliferation of social media as a vital tool in business and personal communication presents many ethical traps for lawyers and their clients. At what point do conflicts of interest dictate who makes your friend-list?
February, 2010
After three years of collaborating, Council on Litigation Management proudly presents their litigation guidelines standardization project.
February, 2010
Just what do in-house Counsel want? What drives their hiring decisions when choosing a law firm? When do they choose a local law firm versus a global firm? How do they prefer to be marketed to?
January, 2010
After seeing massive law firm layoffs, reduction in legal department spend, advances in technology, and many other things in 2009, how will 2010 be different?
December, 2009
Relive the greatest moments in social media and substantive law, as we wrap up 2009 with our Year in Review on Connected.
December, 2009
How can social media support your in-house counsel, law firm lawyer, law school student law firm marketer needs? Will social media mean the end of email?