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Overview:You may have seen him on YouTube along with 100,000 other viewers with is signature catchphrase, "I AM THE HAMMER...they are the nails." Lowell "The Hammer" Stanley talks to us about the birth of The Hammer, making Top 10 Lists for the worst lawyer ads ever, and having David Hasselhoff do a spoof of his commercial on Dancing With the Stars

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Overview:The first time we watched Michael Naso's You Need a Lawyer rap video on YouTube our jaws hit the floor. Here was a seasoned lawyer (not some young associate) rapping on YouTube about all the reasons you might need a lawyer. We watched it a bunch of times after that and told our friends (this is the stuff viral video is made out of). Then we sat down for a podcast with the man himself and asked the question on everyone's mind: "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?" Find out what Michael has to say, and why his rap video has been amazing for business...

Overview:Under traditional thinking, Angelo Paparelli doesn't need social media. As one of the world's foremost experts on immigration law, he's got influence in the legal industry already and plenty of people to listen to him. The secret to Angelo's professional success, however, has been to recognize opportunity when it knocks (he gives us the formula in this interview). Angelo sees social media as amplifying a lawyer's message to never-before-heard-of heights, and tells us the story of a client that was worth a whole lot of money who discovered him through social media.

Overview:Len tells us his views on LinkedIn and other social media and whether law firm profiles and directory products are still relevant. Appreciating that lawyers are often very busy, Len provides some practical tips lawyers seeking to get the most out of their marketing investment. Len is responsible for strategy and execution of LexisNexis client development products and services created to serve the legal community.
Listen to Len's point of view on how to raise you own profile online and promote your law firm.

Overview:Adrian Dayton wrote the book on lawyers using social really; he's the author of Social Media for Lawyers: Twitter Edition, and the forthcoming Linkedin and Blogging editions Needless to say, Adrian knows his stuff. We sat down with him to discuss how lawyers can see tangible results from social media, how law firms can do better on Twitter, and how blogging and being a soccer dad may land you new clients.

Overview:David Palmieri, Vice President and Managing Director of Marketing and Consumer Solutions at LexisNexis provides his views on the most effective online marketing tools available and the value small law firms can receive with a legal marketing makeover expert. Dave has more than a decade of experience in web-based businesses in information services, e-commerce, and online software.

Overview:We caught up with both the current (2010 to 2011) and incoming (2011 to 2012) presidents of NAWL and recorded podcasts with each of them. The discussions focused on unconscious bias, the NAWL Challenge, and how women lawyers are going to change the game. In Part 1 of this two-part series we talked to Dorian Denburg, General Attorney for AT&T and the current (2010 to 2011) NAWL President

Overview:We caught up with both the current (2010 to 2011) and incoming (2011 to 2012) presidents of NAWL and recorded podcasts with each of them. The discussions focused on unconscious bias, the NAWL Challenge, and how women lawyers are going to change the game. Heather Giordanella, Counsel at Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP and the incoming (2011 to 2012) NAWL President.

Overview:In this podcast we sat down with Dennis Prahl of Ladas & Parry to get an insiders' look at the new gTLD guide, and discuss some best practices for handling your clients during this time of change. Prior to the podcast, Dennis had planned to attend ICANN meeting in Singapore in June of 2011, when the new guidebook was officially adopted.
See what he says about Steve Jobs potentially have to fight the Apple Growers Society of America for a certain fruit based gTLD, and who he thinks will win.

Overview:Get ready to say hello to dot everything! ICANN, the organization that runs and regulates web addresses want to expand domain names to include dot-whatever you want. They say it will create a better experience for Internet uses that will power innovation and generate new business opportunities around the world. Brand owners, however, see a nightmare: to them a dot-everything world means having to purchase hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of domain name real estate to make sure their brand isn't diluted or worse by domain name freeloaders looking to boost SEO by attaching to a powerful brand.
Overview: It has been touted by some as an inventive new way to increase court access to individuals and small companies that do not possess the resources to shoulder the burden of litigation. Others, however, have derided it as a commercialization of litigation that should be banned because it is an unethical device that will further choke the nation's dockets. Like it or not, litigation financing has made its way from Australia to England to the United States.
Overview:The use of a trademark distinguishes a business' wares or services from those of others. As these businesses look to go global, they must rethink their entire trademark strategy, because trademarks are geographic. Owners make a misstep by assuming their marks grant them an exclusive right around the world. While treaties like the Madrid Protocol help to insure some level of protection for owners from the signatory countries, not all nations sign onto these agreements. Canada is one such country.
Overview: When Apple decided to sell individual songs digitally instead of making users buy an entire album, it changed the music industry. A similar change may be coming to the legal industry.
Overview:Corporate law departments have a duty to preserve evidence when they are notified the company is being sued or when there is a reasonable chance the company is going to be sued. What follows is the important and detailed process of issuing a litigation or legal hold.
Overview: As Dorothy, Toto, and the Scarecrow bound through the forest on their way to meet the Wizard, they happen upon a frightening site: a man, made of metal, frozen in place, with his giant ax stuck in tree that he had felled at some unknown point in time.
Overview: My father used to play Neil Diamond's America in our living room when I was a kid. It's one of the first songs I ever remember hearing. The lyrics say it all: if you have a dream you can make it happen in America. Perhaps that's what attracts thousands of immigrant and foreign entrepreneurs every year to do business in the red, white, and blue.
Overview: You would think that a move from a big firm to an in-house job would make Mark Herrmann's professional life a little bit quieter; you would be wrong. From his humble roots on the award winning Drug and Device Law Blog, Mark began writing a column called Inside Straight for a little website called Above the Law, the number one legal blog site on the Internet.
Overview: Does Batman need a Patent for all of his inventions? Are Mutants a protected class for purpose of anti-discrimination laws? Do insurance companies cover damage done by super villains? These are just a few of the questions you may come across when browsing the instantaneously successful law blog, Law and the Multiverse: Super Heroes, Super Villains, and the Law.
Overview: What can racecar driving teach a lawyer about decision making? How about haiku, yoga, or Bugs Bunny cartoons? In this podcast you will hear from three successful and interesting in-house lawyers who believe in developing themselves as people outside of the office to become better professionals inside the office.
Overview: Stop me if you've heard this one... A lawyer goes to a party. After a few drinks and some appetizers, a party-guest who is a friend of a friend, who they sort of know recognizes them and remembers they are a lawyer. "I've got this crazy thing happening at work," the party guest says, and proceeds to talk about a potential lawsuit against their employer. At what point in this conversation has the lawyer crossed an ethical boundary?
Overview: This episode takes a look at COICA, the controversial new act before the Senate Judiciary Committee. The acronym stands for "Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act," and if passed will authorize the Attorney General to seek injunctive relief against the web address or domain name of any website that is "dedicated to infringing activities" resulting in confiscation ("civil forfeiture) of the web address by the government and the shutting down of the site by the Internet Service Provider.
About the Guest: Ron Coleman is head of the intellectual property practice at Goetz Fitzpatrick LLP, and author of the award winning blog Likelihood of Confusion.
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