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DeHay & Elliston, L.L.P. attorneys have extensive experience throughout a number of areas of practice. Our attorneys are renowned for calculated perserverance inside and out of the courtroom. When you are looking for an attorney who represents your interests and is on target with your objectives, DE has the experience and talent you need.

Articles Authored by Lawyers at this office:

Asbestos Exposure in Iran: Home Demolition
, December 16, 2013
Iran imports nearly 55,000 tons of asbestos per year, and 95% of that is used in the construction injury, including asbestos cement plants. Kakooei and Normohammadi studied the demolition of 13 houses in Tehran, Iran to determine whether the demolition of homes where asbestos-containing...

Domestic Exposure to Asbestos: A Literature Review
, December 16, 2013
While occupational exposure to asbestos and any resulting disease from such exposure has been the subject of studies and journal articles, there have been fewer studies involving whether non-occupationally exposed individuals may have health effects from any domestic exposure. Goswami, et al...

Verdict Against Cigarette Manufacturer for Asbestos Exposure
, November 01, 2013
Many of the asbestos-related verdicts that are covered in the news relate to workers who used materials and products alleged to contain asbestos, when those workers were performing their jobs in mechanical or industrial settings. Recently, a Florida jury ordered a defendant to pay $3.5 million in...