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HTMLTexting For Business On Personal Cell Phones
Edward F. Harold; Fisher & Phillips LLP;
Legal Alert/Article
September 12, 2014, previously published on September 1, 2014
In the last few years, many industries and companies have been coming to grips with the problems posed by employees using their personal phones, tablets, or laptops for business uses. The recognition of the need to develop policies for these devices likely started when smart phones other than...


HTMLWhat An Interesting Nose Ring - Now Take It Out
Edward F. Harold; Fisher & Phillips LLP;
Legal Alert/Article
June 19, 2014, previously published on June 1, 2014
Many retailers consider the professional appearance of their staff to be a significant aspect of their customers’ shopping experience. Unkempt, unclean, and unfriendly employees create negative impressions that injure the brand. For many years, courts have recognized that the image presented...


HTMLPartying In The Store
Edward F. Harold, Jaklyn Wrigley; Fisher & Phillips LLP;
Legal Alert/Article
March 6, 2014, previously published on March 1, 2014
The cost of bad behavior in the workplace can be significant and assorted. Bad behavior damages morale, results in a loss to a company’s profits, jeopardizes safety, and diminishes productivity. Use of drugs and alcohol - or partying in the workplace - can greatly contribute to bad behavior.