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In recent years, companies have been facing a rise in toxic tort litigation, not only in the number of cases, but the complexity of those cases. Edwards Wildman is a leader in the field of toxic tort litigation with over 20 years experience. The depth of the firm’s experience in handling toxic tort litigation arises from our longstanding service as national and local counsel for a number of clients involved in recurrent litigation.

Edwards Wildman distinguishes itself by becoming immersed in the scientific issues of each case. In addition to outstanding trial skills, tactics, and strategies, we have an extensive network of scientific and technical experts with whom we regularly collaborate. Over the last 20 years, we have defended individual, mass-tort, and class action toxic exposure cases filed by consumers, employees, and residents who live near operating facilities, terminals, and disposal sites seeking recovery for damages allegedly caused by exposure to a wide-array of chemicals. We have also defended individual and class action property damage cases alleging negligence, strict liability, nuisance, and trespass based on the presence of our clients’ products or by-products on or near plaintiffs’ properties. We have successfully defended traditional disease and property damage cases as well as cutting-edge theories like medical monitoring, fear of disease, and increased risk of disease.