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Aggressive enforcement efforts and constantly fluctuating regulatory requirements for hiring foreign nationals and verifying employment eligibility are intrinsic to today’s immigration environment. As a result, employers across the globe must be vigilant in complying with all aspects of immigration-related laws and regulations. The increasingly global marketplace, national security concerns, and mandated initiatives calling for a renewed sense of corporate responsibility are compelling businesses to make immigration compliance a top priority.

For over 50 years, Fragomen has demonstrated a strong commitment to helping clients maintain a legal workforce. Our professionals are renowned for their experience in immigration compliance and we utilize state-of-the-art technology to monitor the status of our clients’ workforces so that their employees can adhere to all visa requirements and meet filing deadlines.

Employment Eligibility Verification
Fragomen is the global leader in helping employers to maintain a legal workforce. As more and more countries impose stricter requirements for hiring foreign nationals, employer workforces face unprecedented levels of legal scrutiny. Our experienced attorneys help employers to conduct internal reviews of their employment eligibility verification and visa programs to ensure compliance with each country's unique requirements. We work with employers to develop innovative solutions that address vulnerabilities and to implement programs that comply with immigration laws around the world. We also represent employers that may be subject to official government investigations.

In the United States, Fragomen provides comprehensive employment eligibility verification and visa compliance programs, supported by state of the art technology. Learn more about our U.S. compliance services.

In Australia, Fragomen provides extensive compliance management services, including our 457ontrack system, an online tool specifically designed to assist clients as they manage their record keeping and reporting obligations. Learn more about our Australian compliance services.

In the United Kingdom, Fragomen provides a full range of Points Based System (PBS) compliance resources, including our Employment Verification Tool, which automates the process of determining an individual’s immigration status prior to employment. Learn more about our UK compliance services. 

Business Visitor Visas
With many countries implementing stricter immigration laws and penalties, compliance with local immigration laws is more important than ever. However, incidents of noncompliance are common among short-term business travelers, who may mistakenly assume that they do not require work permits because of the brevity of their stay and can consequently “fall under the radar” of an employer’s mobility program.

Fragomen’s Business Visa service is a natural adjunct to our broader immigration practice. For short-term assignments that do not involve local employment in the destination country, Fragomen provides comprehensive legal analysis, visitor visa processing. We conduct thorough compliance assessments of employees’ short-term travel plans, including the activities to be undertaken while on business travel, and the nationality, residence and immigration status of the employees.

Fragomen also offers an online immigration assessment tool, the Business Visa Matrix, to help ensure that clients’ business travelers and short-term assignees comply with local immigration laws in the world’s most common business destinations.