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Practice/Industry Group Overview

This highly skilled team of attorneys represents the life and health products industries. We regularly defend national, regional, and local companies involved with medical devices, over-the-counter drugs, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and other health-care products.

Our lawyers have spent dozens of years representing the industry; in fact, many of our associates were employed in related fields before becoming lawyers. They are also current or past bar leaders in life sciences law, not only serving as members of the Product Liability Advisory Council and every national bar organization for this area, but also taking an active leadership role in those organizations.

The specific demands of life sciences companies

We understand that life sciences companies conquer new frontiers daily. At Goldberg Segalla, we are critically aware of the need to keep abreast of current medical, scientific and legal issues affecting this industry, as well as the value of being able to anticipate future issues.

We call on attorneys from several of our firm’s practice groups to offer our clients a full array of related legal services, all provided within the framework of the client’s specific business. These services include:

  • Risk management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Manufacturing and distribution agreements
  • Licensing agreements
  • Litigation services

With decades of experience, our attorneys have the specialized scientific and medical knowledge to analyze the unique and varied issues raised when health products are challenged in litigation. This perspective lets us quickly grasp the technical issues and combine our understanding of them with our extensive litigation and trial experience. Our lawyers are respected locally and nationally by bench and bar alike, which gives our clients added credibility. This pairing of science expertise with trial and litigation prowess is what gives our clients an advantage in litigation and in the courtroom.

Our approach to litigation

When litigation becomes necessary, our clients can enlist Goldberg Segalla’s trial teams to represent them. The firm regularly serves as national counsel to a variety of companies on numerous issues. Our experience ranges from single-plaintiff cases to mass torts to class actions, and from low-damage cases to catastrophic losses. We understand the need to create and organize large databases for litigation purposes. Moreover, our lawyers are recognized leaders in dealing with the rigors and pitfalls of electronic discovery.

In our experience, most cases settle or are otherwise resolved before a trial. However, our trial experience allows us to reach the best result for our clients, because our opponents know that we know how to try cases – and that we are not afraid to do so. We understand that at times, alternative dispute resolution is preferable to trial, and we have extensive experience with various forms of arbitration and mediation. Our attorneys appreciate the need to creatively present the issues to help resolve cases efficiently and effectively. In short, we know how to get our clients their desired result, whatever it may be.

Why you should talk with us

In serving as national, regional and local counsel, we have a keen understanding of what we need to do for the client to meet their objectives. We can coordinate matters nationally or provide local trial strategic insight for companies that have national or regional counsel but may need practical local advice, contacts and expertise.

At Goldberg Segalla, we pride ourselves on understanding our client’s business and the science behind their products so that we are better positioned to advise clients on how to achieve their unique goals. We give strategic advice in a simple and straightforward way, ensuring our clients can understand its potential ramifications. We know that there is a tremendous advantage in selecting the right team with the right knowledge and the right background, and we believe we are that team. Our experience and diversity of perspectives leads to winning strategies for our clients.