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Practice/Industry Group Overview

Greenberg Traurig’s Government Law & Policy Practice combines the capabilities of our Federal Practice in Washington D.C. with our state and local practices across the country. Our national team of government law and policy professionals spans major political and commercial capitals throughout the United States, including: Albany, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Denver, New York City, Sacramento, Tallahassee and Washington, D.C.

Our bipartisan practice includes former elected officials, as well as former top aides and policy officials from the U.S. Congress, the Executive Branch and various state governments. This integrated group of attorneys and professionals works together to provide clients with seamless representation in virtually any forum – before the U.S. Congress and Executive agencies, as well as state and local government entities.

Greenberg Traurig uses various approaches to help our clients achieve their objectives. We combine political experience with a substantive understanding of congressional and administrative policy resulting in a full range of options for clients through business, litigation and governmental strategies. We help clients overcome legislative and regulatory challenges and provide practical, business-focused solutions that enhance their competitive position.

Strategies and Services

  • Ongoing monitoring of executive and legislative branches of federal, state, and local governments
  • Strategic planning, analysis and interpretation of legislation, amendments, administrative rules and testimony
  • Legislation and policy drafting, including committee report language and statements for testimony before Congress and state legislatures
  • Identifying and obtaining funding via appropriations and authorizations
  • Marketing to federal, state and local government agencies to find and secure procurement opportunities for clients’ products, services and technologies
  • Direct advocacy to legislative leadership and Executive Branch officials
  • Organization of grassroots and other advocacy efforts

Federal Representation

Greenberg Traurig’s Washington, D.C. office represents major corporations and governmental entities before the U.S. Congress and the Executive Branch every day. These clients rely on our attorneys’ and government law and policy professionals’ knowledge of the process, ability to provide access to policy makers and efforts to keep clients informed of all federal programs, funding opportunities, legislation and regulations. The Greenberg Traurig legislative team possesses years of experience working with Capitol Hill, the Executive Branch, the public and private sectors and both political parties. Armed with this experience, our legislative team effectively identifies the issues and opportunities that affect client decision making and provides timely, strategic plans to achieve clients' objectives.

Our significant experience enables us to provide a full range of legislative and regulatory services. In addition to our strengths in advocacy and securing funding, we also assist in drafting, developing and guiding Congressional testimony and legislation. We utilize our strong working relationships with administration officials, Members of Congress and their staffs to provide our clients with effective, strategic counsel to further their policy objectives. We have helped our clients secure billions of dollars in funding for critical projects and programs. Our experience extends over a broad range of administrative, regulatory and legislative issues including, but not limited to, grants and appropriations work, community and economic development, transportation, defense and homeland security, health and human services, housing, environmental and energy issues, business regulation and infrastructure development.

Greenberg Traurig’s Federal Government Law & Policy Practice is different from many lobbying boutiques because GT is not just a Washington, D.C. firm. Our nationwide network of offices, including offices in several state capitals, allows us to offer expansive governmental affairs services beyond what a typical Washington firm can provide. This team, working in concert with all of our other locations, provides a tremendous range of opportunities and services for our clients.

State & Local Representation

In addition to our Federal Government Law & Policy Practice, GT supports our clients with state and local practices comprised of well positioned offices in California, Colorado, Florida, New York and Texas. These offices maintain relationships with key government officials at the state capital level and with elected officials and advisors. Additionally, we have attorneys with government law and policy capabilities in a number of our offices across the country. Each member of our team works cooperatively with the Federal Practice and other state and local team members to provide a broader range of services and resources for our clients.

State Attorneys General (AG) Experience

Greenberg Traurig’s Government Law & Policy professionals have deep experience both working with and against various state attorneys generals in both single and multi-state actions and are skilled at managing interactions with the AGs’ respective offices. In addition to the relationships our local capital offices hold, we have strong relationships with AGs and their staffs all over the country. Our team’s deep understanding of the interworking’s of the AGs’ offices, built upon years of working closely with those offices as well as holding prior positions within them, allows our team to assist clients in navigating the regulatory environment in which the AGs operate. It also aids our team’s understanding of the political currents affecting the AGs and their staffs.

Our goal is to prevent our clients from becoming a target of an AG investigation, however, despite our best efforts, clients sometimes become the subject of an investigation or legal action. We have assisted clients in numerous actions brought by the AGs’ offices, including but not limited to, alleged bid rigging, fraud, improper product packaging and labeling, civil RICO, antitrust, wage and hour violations, unfair business practices, defamation, contract disputes, procurement issues, accounting and disclosure improprieties, securitization, usury claims, cease and desist orders, price fixing, and monopolization, among others.

Our Government Law & Policy professionals also have worked with the AGs’ offices in a variety of ways. They have: represented the AGs office as special counsel; assisted in delegating regulatory hearings; lectured the AG’s office on trial tactics; and worked with AGs’ offices on other issues when our clients’ interests were aligned with the AGs’ positions.

Office Experience


Greenberg Traurig’s Sacramento office opened in 2005 when Livingston & Mattesich Law Corporation, founded in 1982, joined the firm.  Today, these attorneys and government law and policy professionals have statewide reputations for effectiveness and integrity. The Los Angeles Times described the group as “one of the more influential law and lobbyist firms” in Sacramento. The Sacramento Bee called the team “one of the Capital’s elite.”

Our Sacramento Government Law & Policy Practice has decades of experience with the legislative process and the long-term relationships to help clients achieve their legislative goals. Members of our team have represented our clients’ interests in the legislature on hundreds of public policy issues concerning the environment, technology, civil justice, general business practices and industry-specific legislation. We have led industry coalitions not only in stopping harmful bills, regulations and enforcement actions, but also in obtaining tort reform through legislation and initiatives. Our team also has wide-ranging experience in hearings and other administrative proceedings by which government agencies decide about permits, licenses, fees, trademarks, public contracts, state audits and public records.

Our history of cooperative relationships and aggressive action in all three branches of government gives us the capability to follow legislation through the implementing regulation and into court. We have resolved many legislative problems with litigation or regulatory influence, and many a regulatory problem or lawsuit with a change in statute.


Greenberg Traurig opened its Denver office in 2000, in one of the Rocky Mountain region’s key business cities, as well as an important international communication, transportation and distribution hub. Our attorneys and government law and policy professionals are positioned to help utilize the region’s emerging opportunities to maximize client growth. Our team helps clients overcome legislative and regulatory challenges by providing practical business-focused solutions that enhance their competitive position. Additionally, we identify the issues and opportunities that affect client decision-making, assist in strategic planning and provide effective counsel to further client policy objectives.

Our strong and highly respected bipartisan team has access to decision makers at every level of government. We have a former speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives, former members from the Colorado Senate, House of Representatives, Department of Administration, the Colorado Banking Board, the Colorado Housing and Finance Authority and a former Colorado Deputy Attorney General for legal policy and governmental affairs. We advocate for our clients’ interests and help them to realize their objectives.

Our Denver Government Law & Policy Practice represents the interests of our clients to the legislature at both the state and federal levels. We provide a full spectrum of services, including providing information, managing and maintaining relationships with the executive and legislative branches, legislation and policy drafting, monitoring and research, procurement assistance, regulatory analysis and strategic planning. We assist in the legislative process and offer full-service lobbying and policy development. We provide public policy and legal representation for companies in public and private sectors, as well as local government entities and organizations. We also have great depth in regulatory and compliance issues, with connections to state attorneys general and U.S. attorney offices throughout the United States.


Greenberg Traurig’s Tallahassee office was the firm’s first venture outside of South Florida. In 1992, the firm of Roberts, Baggett, LaFace & Richard (RBL&R), then a 14-lawyer firm that had been a significant part of the political picture of Florida government and politics, joined Greenberg Traurig. This union not only provided Greenberg Traurig with the strong state governmental presence that RBL&R had built over 20 years, but experienced attorneys who had been instrumental in practically every major legislative battle in that timeframe. The fruit of these years has been strong relationships with not only governmental and elected officials, but deeply rooted relationships with the staff of these officials.

Greenberg Traurig’s Government Law & Policy Practice in Tallahassee is an experienced and seasoned player that clients turn to when they want longstanding experience and the political know-how to help them effectuate their needs. We have worked to develop and pass notable legislation and have annually navigated the appropriations process to obtain funding for our clients. In addition to providing representation before the state legislature, we have also appeared before the governor, cabinet and executive agencies of state government on behalf of a wide range of clients.

Our team includes a former legislator, a former chief of staff to the Senate President, a former counsel to the Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives, former Deputy and Assistant Attorneys General a former Special Counsel to Gov. Rick Scott and a former Legislative Affairs Director and Deputy General Counsel for Governor Jeb Bush. No matter how big or small the issue, we bring the same dedication to every representation. We advocate for our clients’ interests and help them to realize their objectives.

New York

Greenberg Traurig’s New York State Government Law & Policy Practice, based in New York City and Albany, is one of the leading government relations offices in both the City and the State. We have been consistently ranked among the Top 5 lobbying practices in New York City by the City Clerk’s Office and among the Top 5 law firm lobbying practices in New York State by the Commission on Public Integrity. Our team represents nationally and internationally recognized companies and local firms before government agencies, the legislature, public authorities, public regulatory agencies and utility companies in obtaining financial support or economic benefits or negotiating and litigating resolutions or disputes. We can help our clients navigate the government investigation process in the face of significant public scrutiny, resolve clients’ regulatory issues and advise clients on complying with lobbying laws and campaign finance issues. Additionally, Greenberg Traurig represents clients in procurement contracts before the city and state and its agencies and their authorities.

We provide governmental affairs assistance to companies in a wide range of areas, including construction, education, energy, environmental, government, health care, procurement, taxation, technology and transportation. Whether defending against executive or legislative action or working to create and implement an initiative or opportunity, our lawyers and lobbyists craft strategies tailored to the specific needs of our individual clients.

The New York City and Albany teams are comprised of lawyers and government law and policy professionals who have credibility with government decision-makers because of their reputation for sound analysis and effective advocacy. Our experience has enabled us to create a strong “on the ground” presence for our clients.


Greenberg Traurig expanded the firm’s Government Law & Policy Practice with the addition of the Austin, Texas, office in 2008. Our Austin team is one of the most experienced government relations practices in Austin and the state of Texas, with more than 30 years of experience in Texas politics.

Our group represents major corporations and other organizations on a broad range of issues. We help to shape legislation and represent our clients before the legislature, the Governor’s office and state agencies. In addition, our team helps clients resolve regulatory issues and navigate the maze of state procurement and governmental compliance issues.

We provide our clients with effective, strategic counsel to further their policy objectives. This counsel extends over a broad range of administrative, regulatory and legislative issues, including grant and appropriations work, community and economic development, environmental regulation, managed care and health insurance, workers compensation, credit and specialty lines coverages, brokering and regulated transactions, insurance regulation, transportation, political subdivisions, telecommunications, financial industry, general healthcare, and taxation. We work closely with clients to define priorities, evaluate opportunities and create innovative strategies to help them achieve their objectives.

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