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Our litigation practice is among the largest and most highly regarded in the Northeast. More than 70 years of courtroom success have cemented our reputation as leaders in trial and appellate advocacy. For our clients – who range from multi-national corporations to locally-owned businesses and individuals – the size and diversity of our litigation practice means a legal team matched to your needs and goals. In every case we handle, no matter how complex, the client remains the focus. You always know the attorney responsible for your case, you are consulted at every turn, and you are always kept fully informed.

Three components drive our success: trial experience, attention to detail and attention to cost. We are highly experienced in all phases of civil litigation and appeals in state and federal courts, as well as in alternative dispute resolution and hearings before government agencies. Our experience not only enhances our courtroom proficiency, it also enables us to work more efficiently. We are committed to ongoing and timely communication with our clients. That communication is enhanced by our policy of assigning a coordinating attorney to every case, who monitors all proceedings and serves as liaison to the client.

The scope of our litigation practice is broad and extends to business and commercial cases, civil rights, employment, insurance coverage and defense, products liability and toxic torts, professional liability, torts and general litigation. We represent clients in courts and adjudicatory forums throughout the United States and internationally. Whatever type of litigation you face, our attorneys have the experience and focus to pursue zealously the outcome you aim for.

Rep Matters

Noel v L&M Hospital et al

CT Appellate Court Overturns Dismissal in Foreclosure Case and Bolsters Law Relating to Requirements of Legal Standing

H & S Obtains Summary Judgment in Commercial General Liability Matter, Nautilus Ins. Co. v. Leyman Watson, et al.

Representation of an Urban Renewal Project

Representation of a Federally Chartered Bank

Representation of a Major Creditor

Representation in a Corporate Governance Case

Representation of a Major Public Utility

Representation of a Healthcare Insurance Company

Representation of a Major Financial Services Company

Representation of a Clothing Manufacturer

Representation of a Minority Shareholder

Representation of a Computer Software Manufacturer

Sanctions Award

H & S Secures Notable Sanction Award

Represented an international sporting goods company in international arbitration relating to its relationship with a foreign supplier.

Thomas Boyce Successfully Defends Vascular Surgeon Against Medical Malpractice Claim

Daniel Krisch Wins Divorce Appeal

Appellate Court Affirms Trial Court’s Decision in Professional Liability Case

Hannah Gray Home. Inc. v. City of New Haven, 2012 WL 1662621 (2012)

H & S Obtains Three Defendant’s Verdicts in Minor Impact Soft Tissue Case

Appellate Court Affirms Trial Court's Decision in Professional Liability Matter

Hodgate, Admr. v. Ferraro, et al. 123 Conn. App. 443 (2010)

Morales v. City of Bridgeport, 5551 CRB-4-10-5 (April 18, 2011)

Grady Successfully Defends Orthopedic Surgeon in a Medical Malpractice Case

Laura Laydon v. Woodbridge Plan and Zoning Commission, et al, 2011 WL 6004469 (2011)

Grady Successfully Defends Connecticut Anesthesiologist in Jury Trial

Summary Judgment Obtained in National Fraternity Case

Woodbridge v. Eden Weiss, et al, 2010 WL 2821966 (2010)

Derrane v. City of Hartford, 295 Conn. 35 (2010)

Smith v. City of Waterbury, 5326 CRB-5-08-3 (February 4, 2009)

Robert Rhodes Obtains Favorable Judgment For Town of New Milford

Blades v. Redman & Turnquist, 5163 CRB-2-06-11 (February 26, 2008)

Defense Verdict in Police Negligence Case

Defense Verdict in Malpractice Claim

Directed Verdict for Defense Obtained in Pediatrician Malpractice Case

Defense Verdict Obtained in Allegation of Breach of Standard of Care

Judgment in Favor of Ophthalmologist in Laser Surgery Case

Defense Verdict Obtained in Plaintiff's Allegation of Improper Chiropractor Care

Defense Verdict Obtained in Plaintiff's Allegation of Primary Care Physician's Improper Diagnosis

Defense Verdict Obtained in Emergency Tracheotomy Case

Defense Verdict Obtained in Allegation of a Damaged Nerve

Defense Verdict Obtained in Erb's Palsy Matter

Defense Verdict Obtained in Plantiff's Allegation of Improper Diagnosis

Defense Verdict Obtained in Endochrinologist Matter

Defense Verdict Obtained in Radiologist Standard of Care Case

Defense Verdict Obtained in Ob-Gyn Allegation of Excessive Traction

Defense Verdict Obtained in Radiologist Standard of Care Case

Latex Foam Intern. Holdings, Inc. v. Richard N. Goldman & Co., 2007 WL 447916 (Conn. Super. Ct. January 26, 2007)(Langenbach, J.)

Presnick v. Town of Orange

Alter c. Celotto, 95 Conn. App. 902,895 A.2d 872 (2006) (per curium)

Moss v. Foster, 96 Conn. App. 369, 900 A.2d 548 (2006)

Uniroyal Chemical Company v. Town of Middlebury, 2006 WL 962210 (2d Cir. 2006)

Collins v. Olin Corp., 418 F. Supp.2d 34 (D. Conn. 2006)

Nichols v. Subway Restaurant, 98 Conn. App. 837, 912 A.2d 1037 (2006)

Bepko v. St. Paul Fire and Marine Ins. Co., 2005 WL 3619253 (D. Conn. November 10, 2005) (Dorsey, J.)

Hanks v. Powder Ridge Restaurant Corp., 276 Conn. 314, 885 A.2d 734 (2005)

Ernst v. Deere & Company, 92 Conn. App. 572, 886 A.2d 845 (2005)

Waldman v. Jayaraj, 88 Conn. App. 471, 869 A.2d 1254, cert. denied, 274 Conn. 903, 876 A.2d 11(2005)

Susan O’Donnell Defends Property Loss Matter

Kramer v. Petisi, 91 Conn. App. 26, 879 A.2d 526 (2005)

New Colt Holding Corp. v. RJG Holdings of Florida, Inc.

Lewis v. Chelsea G.C.A. Realty Partnership, LP, 86 Conn. App. 596, 862 A.2d 368 (2004).

Weigold v. Patel, 81 Conn. App. 347, 840 A.2d 19, cert. denied 268 Conn. 918, 847 A.2d 314 (2004)

Appellate Court Bars Application of Accidental Failure of Suit statute; Holds Negligence Claims Were Untimely Filed

H & S Commercial Litigation Department Achieves Favorable Settlement in $237 Million B2B E-Commerce Lawsuit in Missouri

Reichhold Chemicals, Inc. v. Hartford Accident & Indemnity Company, 243 Conn. 401, 703 A.2d 1132 (1997); 252 Conn. 774, 750 A.2d 1051 (2000)

Ginsberg v. Healy, 189 F.3d 268 (2d Cir. 1999)

Hertz Corp. v. Federal Ins. Co., 245 Conn. 374, 713 A.2d 820 (1998)

Amica Mutual Ins. Co. v. Franklin, 147 F.3d 233 (2d Cir. 1998)