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Diversity at Halloran & Sage LLP

Halloran & Sage is fully committed to enhancing ethnic and cultural diversity within our firm. Diversity encourages enriched thinking, varied perspectives and insightful solutions, all of which are critical components in providing superior service to our clients. Through our recruitment, retention and development, our goal is to build a firm that reflects the diverse community in which we live and work.

In order to achieve meaningful and lasting progress toward this goal, we have pledged the firm's full philosophical and financial support. To carry out this pledge, we have created a senior-level Diversity Committee, which is charged with the oversight of all diversity initiatives throughout our firm. Key facets of our diversity initiatives are:

  • Recruitment. We actively recruit summer associates, first-year associates and lateral attorneys from a variety of ethnic    and cultural backgrounds. We participate in several collaborative relationships and initiatives that further this goal.
  • Retention. We strive to create and maintain an environment that promotes ethnic and cultural diversity over the long term.
  • Development and advancement. Our attorneys are active in numerous organizations that support the professional    development and advancement of attorneys from diverse backgrounds.
  • Community. As one of Connecticut's largest law firms, we are committed to making a difference in our community. We    dedicate time, talent and financial resources to a range of programs and events that foster and celebrate our community's diversity.