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Employees and employers often have a different view of what belongs to the employer and what the employee may take and use in new employment. This different perception habitually leads to lawsuits. We regularly represent employers, employees and  business competitors in unfair competition and trade secret disputes. We have learned that often a narrow and focused effort gets the best results. That is why our litigation strategy is always client oriented. We first make sure that the client is fully informed as to options and possible outcomes, and design an approach calculated to achieve the client’s informed goal.

Representative Matters

  • Successfully defended two employees through a favorable jury verdict who were accused of complicity in a case involving misappropriation of trade secret paint formulas.
  • Tried to a jury a misappropriation of trade secrets claim involving the purported theft of an idea for a product. After a hung jury, persuaded the trial court to award judgment as a matter of law, affirmed on appeal.
  • Handled well over 50 cases involving claims against employees who changed employment and were accused of taking confidential information of their former employer. Have represented employers and employees in these cases which often involve seeking or resisting Temporary Restraining Orders and injunctions. Many of these cases were resolved on summary judgment, and some resolved by trial.
  • Effectively protected the trade secrets of a supply company from a former employee who misappropriated and divulged confidential information to a competitor.