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Homero Costa Advogados 
Size of Organization: 6
Year Established: 1918

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#14,542 in weekly profile views out of 283,716 total law firms Overall

The first law firm in Minas Gerais, Homero Costa Advogados has been ceaseless in business since 1918, when the lawyer Homero Paulino da Costa (1893-1986) opened up his firm in Machado, in Southern state.

Homero Costa Advogados, www.homerocosta.adv.br, registered under No.0001 at the Brazilian Bar Association, section of Minas Gerais (OAB/MG), with headquarters in Belo Horizonte - MG, practices the main areas of Law. The firm is always striving for fast, effective and efficient solutions for its clients, which are mostly corporative, and also for those law firms from other states or countries that have chosen Homero Costa as their correspondent. Whenever possible, arbitration and mediation are used, offering less expensive solution for its Client's disputes.

The firm is managed by Stanley Martins Frasão. With more than 90 years in the market, the strong image, associated with ethics, transparency, tradition, modernity and promptness, makes Homero Costa Advogados one of the most regarded firms in Minas Gerais.

Its clients are domestic and foreign companies working in various segments of the economy: financial institutions, mining, wholesale and retail, transportation companies, building, manufacturing, heavy machinery, auto parts, and electrical equipment, as well as foundations, associations, and individuals.

The firm is part of Centro de Estudos das Socieidades de Advogados (Lawyers's Societies's Study Center), www.cesa.org.br (CESA), and Aliança Brasileira de Advocacia Empresarial (Brazilian Alliance of Corporate Law), www.albrae.com.br (Albrae)- the latter member of an international network of lawyers.

Consisting of 18 lawyers, as of OAB/MG's records in 07.03.2013, the firms staff is complemented by prominent professionals in Law who are the partners: Orlando José de Almeida, Ricardo Victor Gazzi Salum, Sílvia Ferreira Persechini, Simone Oliveira Rocha, Ana Carolina Silva Barbosa, Daniela Villani Bonaccorsi and Bernardo José Drumond Gonçalves. Another distinguished partner is Dan Kraft, registered at the Canadian and Brazilian Bar Associations.

The firm has supported Fundamar - Fundação 18 de Março (FUNDAMAR - 18 de Março Foundation) since 1977, which develops social, educational and cultural projects. It is worth mentioning that Fazenda Escola Fundamar (Fundamar School Farm), a project of the Foundation, has been promoting opportunities and the well-being of families in the rural and urban areas of Paraguaçu and Machado, Minas Gerais, since 1984. The project helps more than 500 children and teenagers aged between 2 and 16, ranging from daycare to the end of elementary school, with educational, cultural, and leisure programs - www.fundamar.com.


Arbitration and Mediation

The Firm always seeks fast and economic solutions to disputes involving its clients, by means of these instruments: arbitration, mediation and conciliation.

Environmental Law

We work in the consultancy and litigation areas - civil and criminal - , as well as in administrative processes involving environmental inspection bodies, including civil and criminal inquiries.

Civil Law

- Full consultation on the planning, preparation and signing of all types of civil agreements, as well as representation in procedures involving contractual disputes;

- Questions relating to the Tenancy Law: eviction, collection of rent and fines, exercising pre-emptive rights to purchase leased property;

- Preventive consultation and representation in litigation arguing possession issues, domain, usucapio of property;

- Representation in suits involving common law marriage, separation, divorce, alimony, custody of children; Filing and monitoring of probate and partition processes, compliance with wills;

- Advice and litigation consultation in all issues relating to Civil Law;

- Representation in legal proceedings from the trial courts to the Superior Courts: preparation of complaints, defenses, follow up of evidence, filing of appeals, presentation of briefs and production of oral argument in support of claims.

Criminal Law

- Advice to individuals and legal entities on criminal legislation issues, including crimes against the taxation legal system, crimes against the financial system, environmental criminal liability and criminal liability for accidents in the workplace;

- Accompaniment of clients to interrogations and hearings, preparation of criminal reports, representations, defenses, appeals, presentation of memorials and production of oral argument before appellate and superior courts;

- Complete representation before jury trials.

In 05.02.2009 HOMERO COSTA ADVOGADOS and LEONARDO ISAAC YAROCHEWSKY ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS , the latter specializing in criminal Law and the former in the other legal areas, signed a Collaboration Agreement between their firms, as per Provision 112 of the Brazilian Bar Association's Federal Council. It will allow each to serve the clientele of both firms in the specific scope of their specializations.

Commercial and Corporate Law

- Full consultation on the planning, preparation and signing of all types of commercial agreements, as well as preventive advice and representation in procedures involving contractual disputes;

- Assistance in all issues of a corporate nature: formation of all types of business entities, carrying out registration and regularization with the relevant authorities;

- Procurement and maintenance of registrations and licenses required for company operation;

- Preparation and implementation of modifications in companies' records;

- Consultation and representation of shareholders in the defense of their interests;

- Advice on issues linked to Banking and Financial Law;

- Representation in the area of litigation: search and seizure of assets, repossession, financing agreements, commercial leasing agreements;

- Representation in legal proceedings from the trial courts to the Superior Courts in Brasilia: preparation of complaints, defenses, follow up of evidence, filing of appeals, presentation of briefs and production of oral argument in support of claims.

Mining Law

The Firm offers consultancy and litigation legal advice to mining companies, investors and service providers working in minerals.

Labor and Social Security Law

- Consultancy service on labor and social security legislation;

- Client representation before Regional Labor Offices, Labor Attorney's Offices, Unions and Trade Associations;

- Preparation and analysis of individual or collective labor agreements;

- Preventive advice and representation in litigious administrative proceedings, putting forward appropriate challenges and appeals against eventual penalties imposed on the company;

- Representation in individual or collective labor claims, preparing defenses, appeals, briefs and producing oral argument before the courts;

- Full analysis of labor liability.

Tax Law

- Preventive advice on all types of taxation, whether , local, state or federal;

- Studies on tax planning;

- Representation in administrative tax litigation: preparation of defenses and administrative appeals, oral argument before administrative proceedings decision making bodies (Municipal Tax Appeal Boards, Federal and State Taxpayer Boards), apart from administrative petitions such as inquiries and special tax regimes;

- Representation in legal tax litigation: promotion of lawsuits involving repetition of undue payment, declaration of inexistent legal and tax relationship, annulment of tax liability, writs of mandamus, appeals before appellate and superior courts, with delivery of briefs and production of oral argument.

Statement of Practice Summary:
Commercial Law; Corporate Law; Tax Law; Labor Law; Social Security Law; Criminal Law; Administrative Law; Consumer Law; Contract Law; Family Law; Inheritance Law; Banking Law; Mining Law; Agrarian Law; Real Estate Law; Economic Criminal Law; Corporate Criminal Law; International Law; International Trade Law; Intellectual Property Law; Environmental Law; Arbitration and Mediation; Sports Law; Civil Law.