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We have substantial experience in clearing, evaluating, securing, managing and enforcing trademarks, service marks, copyrights, trade dress, and product and packaging configurations worldwide. We manage our clients’ domestic and global trademark estates and provide surveillance of marks worldwide.

To be properly protected, trademarks and copyrights must be secured to the extent possible in all global markets. To accommodate our clients’ need for global enforcement and protection, we have assembled an international network of associate law firms that includes more than 300 firms in 120 countries. The size and breadth of our network allows us to choose among these associate law firms to obtain the most efficient and cost-effective firm to handle the matter. In addition, every law firm within our network gained inclusion based on direct, personal work with the law firm by one of our attorneys.

While we rely on a network of international associates to assist in prosecuting and defending our clients’ non-domestic intellectual property interests, our attorneys stay current on the laws of the various jurisdictions where litigation occurs, are heavily involved in prosecution and litigation strategy, document production and discovery, depositions, trials, mediations and settlement negotiations, as we believe that the clients are best served by having their lead counsel closely manage prosecution and enforcement throughout the world.

Our paralegals maintain and continuously update our extensive docketing and database system for tracking and maintaining intellectual property portfolios throughout the world. Our system includes extranet capability for allowing our clients easy accessibility to their entire worldwide portfolio information on a real time or as needed basis.

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