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Practice/Industry Group Overview

Our Asia client service team brings together its extensive trans-Pacific experience and local law knowledge with a reliable network of top notch local counsel to deliver seamless services to answer our clients’ legal needs throughout Asia. Our Asia client service team consists of attorneys who not only have solid training in and understanding of U.S practices and businesses, but also substantial experience in Asia. We combine our extensive knowledge of our clients’ businesses, demands and transactional philosophies with essential knowledge of local law, custom and business climate to deliver the most value for our clients. Our team is experienced in managing and coordinating with local counsel and will develop the most effective and efficient local counsel strategy for our clients based on the project and jurisdiction.

Our Approach

Our service approach offers superior value to clients because we know our clients’ businesses, we are resourceful, and we are flexible. Over the years in major Asia jurisdictions such as China, we have built substantive local law knowledge and language capability. Our team includes native Asian attorneys, and we travel to these jurisdictions frequently to maintain up-to-date knowledge of these areas and “preferred” working relationship with local firms. In other jurisdictions we work closely with the local counsel teams that we can call upon on short notice and count on for quality, responsive and efficient local service. Our attorneys may directly handle all or a portion of the work, or may delegate portions of the work to local firms and supervise such work, all in a manner that is the most efficient and delivers the most value to our clients. We will staff and manage the project as our client desires, and the Husch Blackwell team is flexible in the role our client calls upon us to play depending on the client’s internal resource, the jurisdiction and the project.

Our value is to deliver seamless “one firm” service — the same that you expect for U.S. projects. The Husch Blackwell team member will serve as a strategic advisor and single point of contact and coordination, as well as an effective intermediary to translate the nuances of international laws into advice that is easily understood and practical for U.S. businesses. Regardless of the jurisdiction you are in and the Husch Blackwell team member managing your project, you can always expect to communicate with your counsel in the language you are used to, at the hours that are convenient for you, and in terminology and concepts that are understandable to you.

Value Added

There is significant value in turning to your trusted U.S. counsel for your Asia needs even when local counsel need to be ultimately engaged. The engagement of multiple law firms in various jurisdictions can lead to inconsistent results. As a practical matter, a law firm engaged on a one-time basis in a foreign country does not have the knowledge of a U.S. client’s business and demands. Cross-border projects management itself is an expertise that requires diverse talent and skills. Depending on the project and jurisdiction, we deliver significant value for our clients in the following ways:

  • We handle a significant portion of the work from our U.S. offices to maintain quality and reduce cost, as legal fees in major Asian cities have risen above Midwestern rates
  • Our expertise in the transaction model and ability to “replicate” it in Asian jurisdictions
  • Our substantive knowledge of local law and language
  • Sensitivity to culture differences
  • Reliable and extensive local counsel network
  • Know-how to ask the right questions
  • Knowing the limit of local counsel
  • “Translation” of local law issues for client’s understanding
  • Interplay of foreign law issues and U.S. law issues (e.g., Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), Patriot Act, export compliance)
  • Consistency throughout jurisdictions
  • Reduce the time and resource demands on the client to communicate and manage local attorneys
  • Improve coordination among firms to enhance efficiency and avoid duplication of legal expenses.

Recent Representative Experience


  • Establishment of business entities or operations in China and follow-up operational counseling (including seeking governmental approval, organizational document drafting, project feasibility study, and agency registration)
  • Joint venture agreement negotiations and set-up
  • Sourcing, supply, procurement and other contractual arrangements
  • Sales and distribution agreements
  • Acquisitions and investment
  • Cross-border loan and financing
  • Manufacturing and licensing agreements
  • Counseling on employee-related issues and other regulatory issues


  • Represented U.S. employee outsourcing company in joint venture negotiations
  • Entity formations
  • Represented a major U.S. service provider in proposed acquisition of an Indian business (deal did not close for commercial reasons)
  • Sales representative/distribution arrangements


  • Represented a commercial satellite imagery provider in joint ventures and commercial transactions


  • Managed the proposed IPO of major U.S. manufacturer’s Korean subsidiary (deal did not close for commercial reasons)
  • Represented a major U.S. manufacturer in the buyout of its Korean joint venture partner


  • Negotiation of joint venture agreements and commercial contracts


  • Represented a commercial satellite imagery provider in joint ventures and commercial transactions


  • Distribution agreements
  • Negotiation of joint venture establishment and related commercial contracts


  • Assisted in stock offering by local company to U.S. investors