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Practice/Industry Group Overview

Our Transportation attorneys advise users and providers of domestic and international transportation services. Our clients include truckload and less-than-truckload motor carriers, shippers, railroads, air cargo carriers, third-party logistics providers, transportation brokers and freight forwarders.

Our Transportation practice focus includes industry issues such as:

  • Intermodal and International. Carrier liability and liability limits among transportation modes and international jurisdictions
  • Cross-border Operations. NAFTA interpretations and compliance, immigration and customs matters
  • Litigation and Dispute Resolution. Cargo loss, damage and delivery delays
  • Chemicals and Petroleum. Hazardous materials regulations, product contamination and environmental issues relating to spills and cleaning
  • Food and Grocery. Temperature control during transit, shelf life and delivery deadlines for promotional or seasonal products
  • Pharmaceuticals, Computers and Technology. Security and damage during transit of highly valued cargo
  • Driver Compliance. Department of Labor, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and other labor and employment and immigration matters
  • Taxes. Operating taxes, IRS dispute resolution, tax treatment of employees and independent contractors and equipment acquisitions
  • FELA Litigation
  • Logistics Contracts.

- Specialized carriage contracts for shippers, carriers and brokers
- Owner-operator agreements
- Equipment leases


Our Transportation attorneys bring unique experiences to diverse operators and participants in the transportation sector.  Members of our group are experienced in a broad range of transportation issues including e-commerce platforms, hazardous materials, customs and trade, immigration and cargo liability, contracts for transportation and logistics services, railcar leasing, warehousing and packaging services.