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Our attorneys promote alternative dispute resolution (ADR) as an early, cost-effective and creative approach to settling disputes. Our attorneys have gained a reputation as leading advocates and experts in ADR, with a thorough knowledge of all hearing formats and procedures, including arbitration and mediation.

Arbitration Advocacy. Tough and effective advocacy is our hallmark. Our trial attorneys have handled thousands of disputes for our business and commercial clients. Our success in the courtroom is mirrored by our success in arbitration. Our attorneys are skilled communicators and are equally adept at addressing panels of arbitrators and courtroom jurors.

Our extensive experience in arbitration has enabled us to develop comprehensive information regarding numerous arbitrators in the geographical areas in which our offices are located. This information enables us to select the best-qualified arbitrators for resolution of a client’s case.

Mediation Advocacy. Our courtroom and arbitration successes are indicative of our trial skills and sound judgment in knowing when cases should be settled. We regularly resolve cases economically through mediation. We often use mediation and confidentiality agreements to avoid unfavorable publicity.

We often propose mediation to accelerate the negotiation process and save money for our clients. Mediation also allows for greater creativity in dispute resolution and greater control over the ultimate outcome.

Development of Dispute Resolution Programs Incorporating Mediation and Arbitration. Our knowledge and experience enable us to design ADR contracts, policies and programs for mediation and/or arbitration rather than litigation to resolve disputes. We address the issues of when to require arbitration, proper forum, arbitration and mediation procedures and enforceability.

Our attorneys understand whether the arbitration method of dispute resolution is appropriate for a designed arbitration program in particular business settings. We have been a leader in developing internal dispute resolution procedures.

Neutral Arbitration/Mediation. Several of our senior attorneys are qualified arbitrators and mediators, have been on panels of the American Arbitration Association and the Center for Public Resources and are members of the International Academy of Mediators and the College of Commercial Arbitrators. Although most appointments are handled through a dispute resolution service provider, our expertise as neutrals is often valuable from an advocacy standpoint and when clients need direct party-appointed neutrals. Some also serve as special masters in federal and state courts.


Our ADR skill, expertise and creative problem-solving have been recognized nationally. Litigants often use our attorneys as arbitrators and mediators in disputes.

Although arbitration and mediation are the most commonly used forms of ADR, we have experience in early neutral evaluation, minitrials, multistep ADR, summary jury trials, industry expert evaluations and other ADR alternatives. Our ADR experience is extensive and is an additional benefit to providing cost-effective service to our clients. Although we stand ready to aggressively defend our clients’ interests through trial, we understand the value of and recommend ADR in appropriate situations.