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Jackson Lewis is a law firm that offers legal advice to employers through the many laws that impact on every aspect of an employer’s decision and ability to develop and implement a comprehensive preventive labor relations program. Jackson Lewis has been retained to offer legal advice to many employers who have succeeded in winning NLRB elections or in averting union elections altogether. Our labor attorneys have represented clients in thousands of matters before arbitrators, mediators, the National Labor Relations Board, state labor boards, government agencies, and state and federal courts. On a daily basis, we offer legal advice and counsel to employers regarding corporate campaigns, neutrality agreements, union organizing, protected concerted activity, NLRB elections, contract negotiations, grievance and arbitration proceedings, unfair labor practices, traditional and third party economic activity pressures (such as picketing , bannering or hand billing), and public appeals, including social media sites, work stoppages, purchase/sales, reductions and reorganizations, as well as the entire range of pre- and post-hire employee relations issues.


Services Available

Services provided to both union-free and unionized employers:

  • Providing legal advice to company Boards of Directors and executive teams as they develop their strategic, comprehensive preventive labor relations programs that are legal and appropriate in today’s changing workplace;
  • Conducting management legal/human resources preventive labor relations assessments that analyze the legal implications of an employer’s labor and employee relations policies and practices, and make legal recommendations for employer best practices;
  • Advising on the development of employee handbooks, supervisory and policy manuals, social media policies, alternative dispute resolution and other problem solving procedures, employee orientation programs, and communication programs so that all such documents and policies are state of the art and comply with all legal requirements;
  • Designing and conducting management/supervisory educational programs where effective legal advice is offered to guide employers so they maintain an issue-free environment and improve management skills while remaining in full compliance with the law;
  • Providing legal advice including on-site management counseling during corporate campaigns, union organizing, picketing and other related activities; and
  • Conducting ongoing legal training and counseling for managers and supervisors where advice is offered on lawfully effective means to respond to union organizing by being knowledgeable about management’s legal rights and exercising those rights.

Services provided to partially or fully unionized employers:

Providing legal representation during collective bargaining negotiations either “at the bargaining table” or “behind the scenes” as legal counselors and advisors, including:

  • analyzing contracts, grievance history and arbitration awards to legally advise and recommend strategies for contract negotiations and long-term labor relations management based on changes in the law, bargaining trends and our client’s needs;
  • meeting with and advising management about legally appropriate strategies to achieve the client’s collective bargaining goals;
  • advising clients regarding lawful communications with employees, the press, public officials and others about negotiations;
  • advising and/or representing employers if federal, state or city mediators become involved in the bargaining process; and
  • advising clients about contingency plans to meet the legal challenges for continued operations in the event of a work stoppage, strike or other cessation of work.

Providing representation during the term of a collective bargaining agreement, including:

  • representing clients during grievance and arbitration proceedings;
  • educating front-line management where legal advice is offered to properly and effectively administer the collective bargaining agreement;
  • communicating with union officials (or advising our clients to do so) about unanticipated or critical issues that arise during the term of the contract; and
  • advising clients regarding the legal strategy surrounding mid-term modifications to the collective bargaining agreement.

Representing clients in deauthorization, decertification, and unit clarification proceedings before the National Labor Relations Board.