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If you have been arrested and are facing charges for OWI or DUI, you are probably worried about what the consequences will be. These charges can be very serious, resulting in jail time, loss of your driver's license, heavy fines, alcohol assessment and treatment, and other penalties determined by the court. Most OWIs are charged as a misdemeanor. Conviction of a misdemeanor will result in a criminal record. Other negative consequences include a substantial increase in your auto insurance premiums.

In the face of all this, you may not want to plead guilty and accept the consequences. You do have the right to defend yourself and fight the charges against you. Just because you are charged with an OWI, DUI, or drug offense does not mean you are guilty or that you will automatically be convicted. With the legal help of Mason City OWI / DUI attorney Colin Murphy, you dramatically increase your chances of avoiding a conviction with all the adverse effects that will follow. In his practice, Mr. Murphy focuses exclusively on DUI / OWI and drug defense and has effectively handled over 200 cases involving these areas.

Colin Murphy's qualifications for handling your OWI, DUI, or drug defense case are many. He has a comprehensive understanding of this field in all of its legal, scientific, and chemical aspects which has resulted in a reputation for raising innovative challenges to chemical testing. His educational background includes an undergraduate degree in general science and analytical chemistry. He is certified in standardized field sobriety testing, certified to operate and calibrate DataMaster breath testing units and has received extensive training in forensic blood and urine testing for alcohol, marijuana, and other controlled substances. He has been a speaker on DUI / OWI and drug topics for many legal conventions. He is also a member of the National College for DUI Defense, Inc. and the NORML Legal Committee, which is a group of attorneys working to reform marijuana laws. As a Mason City OWI / DUI lawyer, he devotes his continuing legal education requirements to the complex science of forensic chemical testing and regularly reviews state and federal DUI / OWI and drug-related court opinions as they are published to keep current on the ever-changing nature of these areas.

DUI / OWI and Drug Cases

As an attorney exclusively practicing in the DUI / OWI and drug crime areas, Colin Murphy takes the approach that these cases can be successfully defended. His preparation is extremely thorough. He understands that it takes time and commitment to properly represent a client from the administrative license revocation hearing to the trial and appeal, if necessary. Such a defense can only be done well if everything concerning the case is properly reviewed, including traffic stop and booking videos, breath test calibration records, crime lab standard operating procedures, hospital records, search warrant applications, and more. Only in doing so can an effective defense be accomplished against the prosecutor's case through pre-trial motions and the use of experts. Because of his comprehensive and detailed approach, his defense methods have proven to be winning strategies.

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- Boating while Intoxicated

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- Blood and Urine Testing

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Consult with a Mason City OWI / DUI Lawyer

If you or someone you know is facing charges of drunk driving, drug-impaired driving, or drug offenses, it is in your best interests to consult with Colin Murphy as soon as possible so that he can begin assisting you with your criminal case and the license revocation hearing. Whether this is a first offense or a subsequent one, your case will be in highly-qualified and dedicated hands. Mr. Murphy serves Mason City, Charles City, Forest City, Garner, Hampton, Osage, Clarion, Allison, and Northwood.

Contact the Mason City OWI / DUI attorney at his offices today if you have been charged with drunk driving, drug-impaired driving, or drug offenses.

Statement of Practice Summary:
DUI Offenses; DUI / OWI with Alcohol; Blood and Urine Testing; Boating while Intoxicated; Breath Testing; DOT License Revocation; Field Sobriety Tests; Vehicular Manslaughter; Drug Related Offenses; DUI / OWI with Drugs; Drug Possession; Drug Possession with Intent; Drug Tax Stamp; Marijuana; Methamphetamine; Pseudoephedrine Restrictions; Criminal Law; Drivers License Suspension; Drug Crimes; DUI/DWI/OWI; Expungements; Felonies; Misdemeanors; CDL Revocation; Drunk Driving; Cocaine; Public Intoxication; Boating While Intoxicated; Drivers License Reinstatement; Forfeitures; Seized Property; Blood Test; Field Sobriety; Vehicular Homicide.