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Serving our clients' needs in the automobile field is one of the oldest practice areas at Marshall Dennehey Warner Coleman & Goggin. Our attorneys have a wide range of experience in this dynamic field, and they assist our clients in remaining current with applicable case law updates. From the inception of our firm, we have serviced the insurance industry by both representing its insureds in third party cases as well as the carriers directly in first party and PIP matters.

Specifically, in each of our firm's offices throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Ohio, Florida and New York, our automobile liability defense attorneys are adept at representing insureds in third party work, and carriers in UM/UIM and PIP work.

Robert E. Smith, Esq. of our Scranton, Pennsylvania office heads our Pennsylvania UM/UIM subsection and practices solely in this field. Mr. Smith is not only knowledgeable about UM/UIM law, he also is intimately familiar with the protocols and nuances of each county's local procedures and practices, factors that can have a substantial impact on the final result of a claim.

In addition, the Automobile Liability Practice Group works closely with members of the firm's Coverage/Bad Faith, Fraud and Warranty Practice Groups as these three areas have a substantial amount of overlap. James H. Cole, Esq. of our Doylestown, Pennsylvania office heads our Special Investigation Group and is a valuable resource for our attorneys handling PIP, third party and UM/UIM claims.

The Automobile Liability Practice Group also is well experienced and established in third party auto liability cases, including the specific nuances with limited insurance policies and joint and several liability. James Hilly, Esq. of our Philadelphia office, heads our Trucking and Transportation Group and has focused his practice in the representation of self-insured and insurers in complex tort and insurance coverage litigation involving various common carriers and private transportation fleets, such as interstate trucking, railroads, waste haulers, taxicabs, shuttle and bus operators, rental vehicle fleets, Para transit and ambulance services.

We are aware of today's focus on securing sound legal services at reasonable fees. Our firm has grown because of our sensitivity in this area. Our liability defense trial lawyers take a practical, result-oriented approach to the cases which they are entrusted.  Cases are assigned to the firm's more senior attorneys, who, in turn, oversee tasks completed by their team of younger associates and paralegals. The firm is able to offer competitive rates through this task-appropriate delegation. Our attorneys are keenly aware that these types of matters require responsiveness to the claims professionals, as well as consistent file updating as the matters progress in their respective forums.

Since there are areas in which some automobile litigation can be streamlined, we are also willing to discuss, develop and implement alternative billing formats wherever possible. We would be pleased to work with you in the handling of your automobile liability matters.

Our defense attorneys frequently give presentations and conduct training seminars for our automobile clients as case law is updated or when a client has the need to refresh their employees on the current areas of the automobile law. We can conduct these seminars at your location or at a mutually convenient location.

The Automobile Liability Practice Group of Marshall Dennehey Warner Coleman & Goggin serves clients throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Ohio, Florida and New York.