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There are few areas of the insurance industry that involve such direct and personal contact with insureds in their time of need than first party claims that arise out of homeowner and commercial property policies. Unfortunately, there are few areas of insurance claims that generate more complaints and litigation. Even when an insurance company handles first party property claims faultlessly and fairly, it is an unfortunate inevitability that some litigation will result.

The direct and personal contact with the insureds, the complex nature of the policies at issue, the limitless number of claims scenarios, combined with the ever-increasing percentage of insureds represented by public adjusters, make this area of insurance claims ripe for lawsuits. When other unique areas of dispute – such as appraisal, matching and replacement cost – are considered, sometimes during catastrophe (CAT) operations, the importance of having legal counsel concentrating his or her practice in property litigation cannot be underestimated.

Our Property Litigation Practice Group is very familiar with these issues and the state of the law as it pertains to first party matters and bad faith. Marshall Dennehey's Property Litigation Practice Group maintains a synergistic relationship with our Insurance Coverage/Bad Faith and Fraud/ Special Investigative Litigation Practice Groups. These relationships allow our attorneys to coordinate their efforts and stay current relative to these overlapping areas of practice.

Our services go beyond representation after a lawsuit is filed and include:

  • Coordinating counsel services;
  • Pre-litigation commercial and residential claims consultation, including such issues as business interruption, extra expense, profit and overhead, “matching” and appraisal;
  • Drafting reservation of rights and coverage position letters;
  • Drafting property coverage opinion letters;
  • Regulatory consultation and responding to insurance department complaints and inquiries;
  • Examinations Under Oath to clarify facts and coverage;
  • Training of management and staff;
  • Selection of vendors;
  • Assistance in developing claims protocols; and
  • Assistance in drafting new and revising existing policy language.

Included in the Property Litigation Practice Group are attorneys who, prior to law school, worked as property claims representatives. These attorneys bring experience in property damage estimation, contents evaluation and public adjuster representation. They possess a unique perspective that enables them to advise and assist the claims professional both before and after litigation.

We welcome the opportunity to be of service to you. We are available to discuss any property claims issues, as well as give presentations or lectures at your location or at any one of our regional offices.

Group Presentations
  Insurance Fraud 360, 800 Ridge Pike, Lafayette Hill, PA, June 5, 2014
Articles Authored by Lawyers at this office:

Supreme Court of New Jersey Holds That Cardiovascular Death Is Not Compensable
Angela Y. DeMary, August 11, 2014
In its July 30, 2014, decision of James P. Renner v. AT&T (A-71-11) (068744), the New Jersey Supreme Court reiterated that there remains a heightened standard of proof and causation for cardiovascular claims. The Supreme Court opined in Renner that the decedent husband/petitioner failed to sustain...

Political Subdivision Tort Claims Act Bars Claims Sustained Due to Accident With Vehicle Stolen From Local Agency. Motor Vehicle Exception to Governmental Immunity Applies Only Where Agent of Local Agency Actually Operated Vehicle in Question
Paul G. Lees, July 01, 2014
The tortfeasor in this matter was taken into custody by the Philadelphia Police Department, handcuffed and placed in the back of a police cruiser. Notwithstanding his restraints, he somehow managed to commandeer the police cruiser. The plaintiff was in her vehicle when the police cruiser driven by...

Political Subdivision Tort Claims Act Provides Immunity to County and County Nursing Home for Wrongful Discharge of One of Its Employees
Paul G. Lees, July 01, 2014
The plaintiff worked for the county as a nurse’s aide for eight years, until she was terminated due to drug testing results. Prior to her discharge, the plaintiff had injured her neck and back at work while assisting a co-worker in lifting a 300-pound patient. Lewis filed a claim under the...

The Storm After the Storm
Eric R. Brown, May 29, 2014
It has now been more than 18 months since Hurricane Sandy made landfall in New Jersey, but the litigation related to that storm is just getting started. With any event that brings such damage, there is always a concern that judges may look to expand the bounds of coverage in favor of insureds. The...

New Coordinating Judges Assigned to Asbestos Cases in Middlesex County (NJ) and Northampton County (PA)
Arthur D. Bromberg,Paul C. Johnson, May 06, 2014
The Northampton County court in Easton, PA and the Middlesex County court in New Brunswick, NJ recently appointed new coordinating judges to supervise the asbestos programs in their courts.

PA Superior Court Rules Plaintiff Must Show Regular and Frequent Exposure as Cause of Disease
Arthur D. Bromberg,Paul C. Johnson, May 06, 2014
In a non-precedential opinion, the court affirmed two summary judgment rulings in which the trial court had dismissed the plaintiff's claims for failing to produce evidence that the plaintiff was exposed to asbestos from the defendants' products on a regular and frequent basis and that the...

Punitive Damages May Be Sought in NYC Asbestos Cases
Arthur D. Bromberg,Paul C. Johnson, May 06, 2014
Judge Sherry Klein Heitler recently issued an order and opinion granting a motion filed by Weitz & Luxenberg on behalf of several plaintiffs amending the New York City Asbestos Litigation ("NYCAL") case management order to allow the plaintiffs to seek punitive damages against the...