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Diversity at Marshall Dennehey Warner
Coleman & Goggin, P.C.

Diversity Statistics
Partners 4%
(8 of 216)
(4 of 61)
Associates 15%
(15 of 99)
(20 of 101)
Of Counsel 0%
(0 of 5)
(0 of 0)
Other Lawyers -
(0 of 0)
(0 of 0)
Paralegals 22%
(2 of 9)
(9 of 82)
Marketing Professionals 0%
(0 of 1)
(0 of 6)
Technology Professionals 27%
(7 of 26)
(6 of 12)
Librarians 0%
(0 of 1)
(3 of 7)
Finance Professionals 13%
(2 of 16)
(13 of 50)
Human Resources Professionals 0%
(0 of 1)
(0 of 4)
Administrative Professionals -
(0 of 0)
(4 of 30)

In surveys conducted by The National Law Journal and The Legal Intelligencer, our firm has been identified, both on a national and regional level, as one of the leading large law firms in the categories of minority hiring and advancement. We highly value our minority shareholders and associates. There are numerous instances of these men and women handling high-exposure and complex litigation, as well as playing vitally important roles in the management of our firm. As an example, our firm is managed via four practice departments that each include a practice department Director and Assistant Director.  Minority attorneys make up 25% of the practice department managers at the firm.  In addition, a minority attorney currently serves on our Board of Directors and another as the firm's Hiring Shareholder.  While we are proud of the rich diversity already existing in our firm, we believe we can do even better and have been initiating additional steps to assure that our actions are commensurate with our expressed deep commitment in this area.

Minority attorneys at Marshall Dennehey Warner Coleman & Goggin are members of, and participate in, numerous minority organizations, including the National Bar Association (African-American attorneys), the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association, the National Hispanic Bar Association, the Barristers' Association of Philadelphia (membership primarily made up of African-American attorneys practicing in the Philadelphia region), the South Asian Bar Association of Philadelphia, the Asian American Bar Association of the Delaware Valley (membership is primarily made up of Asian American attorneys practicing in the Philadelphia region), the Hispanic Bar Association of Pennsylvania and the Tampa Bay Hispanic Bar Association. Additionally, minority attorneys serve on minority and diversity committees and subcommittees of various national and local professional organizations.

Marshall Dennehey recruits minority attorney candidates in a variety of ways. In the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh regions, our Hiring Shareholder has established relationships with career placement officers at each of the local law schools in those regions. Beginning in 2006, we utilized those relationships in order to identify and invite Philadelphia area minority students from each of the six, local law schools to an evening cocktail party that Marshall Dennehey co-sponsored with two other law firms. Invitations were sent to each of the students, various leaders of the Philadelphia Bar Association, and various judges who would be in attendance to show support for the diversity efforts of Marshall Dennehey and the two other participating firms. This placed us on the radar screen of many candidates who were simply not familiar with our firm and who, historically, had not sought employment with our firm. It resulted in a significant increase in the number and quality of minority candidates who have sought interviews with our firm. As a result, we have seen an increase in the number of minorities hired as law clerks or attorneys, in large measure, we believe, as a result of this event.

Our firm also participates in minority job fairs and targets the legal industry in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, suburban Philadelphia and Wilmington, Delaware. In addition, as a matter of course, we seek to identify minority attorneys and law students interested in a career in litigation and invite them to apply to our firm.

We have also increased the scope of our minority recruiting efforts to encompass the additional states in which we maintain our offices.

Our firm has also implemented a mentoring system where our minority shareholders reach out to our younger minority associates to provide them with the support, counsel and encouragement that can make a very significant difference in their professional progression.