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Diversity at McGlinchey Stafford

McGlinchey Stafford is committed to fostering a working environment that is diverse in gender, race, and culture and to advancing equal opportunity in the legal profession. This includes ensuring that all lawyers are hired, trained and promoted fairly within the firm.

We are proud to have a high ratio of female attorneys in our ranks. Approximately 42% of all attorneys in the firm and 25% of our members are women.

We also strive to maintain a racially diverse workplace. To meet this goal, we participate annually in programs that increase our opportunities to make introductions to highly qualified minority candidates.

The Tulane Law School Diversity Clerkship Program has been supported by McGlinchey Stafford since its inception in 1989. The program was designed to increase the number of minority attorneys in prominent legal positions. Similarly, we participate in the Louisiana State Bar Association's Annual Minority Job Fair in which minority applicants from Louisiana law schools convene to interview for positions at leading law firms.

In addition to our sensitivity to gender and racial equality, McGlinchey Stafford also realizes the importance of fostering a culture of varied values and beliefs. As a result, we are open to creating alternative work arrangements for those employees who prefer to structure their work schedules in ways that allow them to devote more time to their families or to other pursuits.