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Acts of terrorism, human rights abuses and crimes against humanity, such as the attacks on 9/11, call out for justice and accountability under the rule of law. Motley Rice's Anti-Terrorism and Human Rights practice group answers that call. We represent individuals seeking justice and compensation under U.S. and international laws for acts of terrorism, violent crimes, genocide, human and civil rights abuses. On behalf of the families, victims and survivors, we litigate against state sponsors of terrorism and the individuals, organizations and material sponsors behind such atrocities.

Anti-Terror and Terrorist Financing Lawsuits
Terrorism includes not only acts of violence and abuse but equally destructive acts such as the financing of organizations that plan and execute terrorist activity. With experience in anti-terror and terrorist financing litigation, Motley Rice's anti-terrorism attorneys have represented thousands of individuals affected by terrorist attacks, most notably the survivors and victims' families in the 9/11 lawsuits and those involved in the terrorist financing lawsuit against financiers of Israeli suicide bombers' families. Learn more about terrorist financing lawsuits.

Human Rights Lawsuits
Motley Rice's human rights lawyers represent both American citizens and international individuals who have suffered crimes against humanity and unjust infringement upon basic human rights through civil actions. Human rights law allows claims of human rights violations to be tried in the United States court system, and our human rights attorneys fight for victims of slavery, torture, injury and wrongful death and seek to expose and hold accountable the individuals or organizations responsible for such acts. Learn more about human rights lawsuits.

Articles Authored by Lawyers at this office:

The Long History of GM’s Ignition Switch Cover Up
Jodi Westbrook Flowers, February 18, 2015
GM’s ignition switch defect has now been linked to 38 deaths to date. The ignition switch problem was so obvious that customers, journalists and even GM employees were reporting the problem a decade before GM finally admitted the issue and recalled the cars.