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The recent rise in corporate scandals is particularly alarming to investors and consumers because the fraudulent schemes employed have become increasingly complex and difficult to unravel. Motley Rice's Securities and Consumer Fraud practice group targets these schemes, representing institutional investors such as unions and state and local governments, as well as consumers and organizations, harmed by securities fraud and other corporate misconduct.

Securities Fraud Litigation
Motley Rice's Securities and Consumer Fraud practice team consists of seasoned attorneys and in-house professional staff. Our attorneys represent domestic and international clients in numerous areas of securities litigation that include securities fraud, derivative shareholder and shareholder opt-out lawsuits. Scandal and misconduct is continually increasing in the corporate world. Motley Rice attorneys provide a portfolio monitoring service at no cost to enrolled investors and, when fraud has been identified, represent consumers and investors in securities litigation to seek accountability and promote effective corporate governance reforms. Learn more about our Securities Fraud Litigation.

Shareholder Rights and Corporate Governance
Our attorneys seek to create a better, more secure future for individuals, public pension funds, unions, governmental entities, Taft-Hartley funds and other institutional investors. In courts around the United States, we litigate both direct and derivative shareholder actions to ensure accountability from corporate directors and officers and to improve corporate governance. We also represent shareholders in lawsuits seeking fairness and transparency in mergers and acquisitions, leveraged buyouts and other corporate transactions in which corporate insiders may be seeking to benefit themselves at the expense of public shareholders’ right to fair value. Motley Rice recognizes the role of corporate governance in creating long-term shareholder value and promoting better business practices throughout the country.

Consumer Fraud Litigation
Thousands of consumers fall victim each year to the many misleading or illegal business practices to which companies may resort in order to maintain a presence in a competitive marketplace. Not only does our Consumer Fraud team seek damages for consumer losses, but we also strive to pursue consumer fraud litigation that is impactful and discourages future businesses from taking advantage of those who support their products and services. Our team additionally represents whistleblowers in qui tam whistleblower lawsuits. Learn more about our Consumer Protection Litigation.

Whistleblower Litigation
Sometimes a single voice can bring about justice for many. Motley Rice supports those whistleblowers who feel corporate wrongdoing should not stay hidden in the shadows. Filing a whistleblower claim can be an emotional and complex endeavor, but the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act offers incentives and protection to those filing whistleblower lawsuits against individuals or companies who have allegedly violated tax or federal securities laws. Led by whistleblower attorneys Rebecca Katz, who served nearly nine years as a senior counsel for the SEC's Enforcement Division, and Mark Labaton, a former federal prosecutor, the Motley Rice whistleblower legal team has the experience to handle complex whistleblower claims. Learn more about our qui tam and SEC whistleblower lawsuits.

Antitrust Litigation
Motley Rice antitrust attorneys seek private enforcement actions against some of the most well-funded corporations in the world, in an effort to help promote the maintenance of a free and competitive global economy. With often limited federal and state budgets, the ability of authorities to investigate and discipline anticompetitive conduct can be restricted. Our antitrust lawyers have litigated numerous antitrust cases involving a variety of industries and trade practices. We work with small businesses, health and welfare plans, insurers, consumers and others harmed by violations of federal and state antitrust and trade practices. Learn more about our antitrust practice group.