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Motley Rice recognizes that victims, and family members of victims, have many concerns following a plane crash. Amid coping with the loss of a loved one or injuries, families face considerations of complex legal rights and actions. Our aviation team handles each aviation lawsuit from beginning to end, lifting as many burdens from our clients we we can. Motley Rice takes an active role in the often intense and sometimes international investigation process, ensuring a comprehensive approach on behalf of victims' family members or injured crash survivors.

Motley Rice is an aviation law firm that represents plane crash victims  from both the United States and abroad, fighting for compensation and accountability on their behalf against the aviation industry and advocating for improvements in safety and security standards.

Aviation Lawsuits and Your Legal Rights
The aviation industry is a business. Although airlines and aircraft manufacturers are responsible for the security and safety of pilots and passengers, corners are sometimes cut in an effort to minimize costs and increase profits. The aviation industry's first priority is to make money, and providing and implementing adequate safety and security measures can be more costly to the aviation industry than dealing with the aftermath of incidents that occur due to safety or security lapses.

As a result, passengers, pilots and crew members, airline and airport staff, and even pedestrians suffer injury or death each year due to plane crashes that may have been avoided had uniform safety and security guidelines been in place.

Motley Rice's aviation team seeks justice on behalf of those suffering as a result of aviation disasters and fights to hold the aviation industry accountable. With years of experience and the time and knowledge necessary to see a case through from start to finish, our aviation attorneys arm each client with the means to not only take on powerful opponents but also speak out about the importance of placing passenger rights and safety above profits.

Why Motley Rice
As one of the nation's largest plaintiffs' firms, Motley Rice has a global reach. Our attorneys have the experience, financial resources, and co-counsel and expert relationships needed to investigate, litigate and resolve complex aviation cases. Our aviation team includes a former U.S. Department of Transportation Inspector General, as well as pilots, an expert in aviation maintenance, a former professor of aviation, a former flight attendant and multilingual translators.

Recognized for bringing one of the largest aviation cases in history against some of the world's most powerful defendants on behalf of 9/11 victims' families, our aviation attorneys remain at the forefront of the complex legal and technical aspects of aviation law and are equipped to handle a wide variety of aviation cases, from personal injury to wrongful death.

Unlike many aviation law firms, Motley Rice accepts both passenger and crew cases, working as closely with families involved in private plane crashes as with those involved in commercial air crashes. We have experience and resources that enable us to fight on behalf of U.S. and international clients and work continually to seek accountability from corporations, governments and terrorist groups whose actions threaten the safety of the traveling public.