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Practice/Industry Group Overview

Nexsen Pruet’s Public Policy & Governmental Affairs practice team reflects the Firm’s deep roots in the community and history of involvement in the public affairs of the Carolinas. Our diverse experiences, inside and outside of government, help us frame creative and successful solutions for clients. Many of our attorneys have served in prominent governmental positions, and bring valuable insight into the processes of legislative and public policy.

Our Public Policy & Governmental Affairs practice team has a deep understanding of how government really works and has fostered an extensive network of bipartisan relationships with local, state and federal officials.

We also understand that public policy and regulatory action are critical to a business's effectiveness and outlook. Accordingly, in the complex governmental arena, our members are armed with experience, knowledge of the participants, a firm foundation in both substance and process and the ability to communicate effectively. Nexsen Pruet’s Public Policy & Governmental Affairs practice team deploys all of these skills to advance client objectives. We are adept at identifying and creating new business potential by positioning clients to take advantage of public policy opportunities.

Our Public Policy & Governmental Affairs practice team communicates directly with federal, state, city and county officials, and their staffs, to explain and advance client goals.

Coalition Building
Nexsen Pruet’s Public Policy & Governmental Affairs practice team works to assemble effective coalitions of other affected stakeholders and also participates in trade associations, coalitions and joint lobbying efforts on behalf of our clients.

Legislative & Advocacy Materials
In addition to drafting legislation, Nexsen Pruet prepares effective issue papers, briefing books, comments and hearing testimony to communicate client interests.

The Public Policy & Governmental Affairs practice team also assists in preparing client representatives for appearances at hearings, as well as testifies on behalf of clients.

Legislative & Regulatory Monitoring
Using both electronic tracking and retail lobbying techniques, Nexsen Pruet analyzes and reports significant legislative and regulatory efforts impacting client interests.


Services Available

  • Positioning policy issues for successful advocacy
  • Fostering governmental champions
  • Managing hearings and investigations
  • Writing and preparing witnesses to deliver testimony
  • Drafting proposed legislation
  • Monitoring legislation
  • Representing clients before regulatory agencies
  • Ensuring compliance with campaign finance, ethics and lobbying laws
  • Organizing and managing coalitions
  • Building grassroots support
  • Managing political and public relations crises
  • Advising on public relations matters
  • Managing internal corporate communications
  • Drafting articles, press releases and speeches
  • Developing political outreach
  • Advising on corporate governance and best practices

Ethics & Code of Conduct
Participation in governmental affairs is an integral part of our country’s democratic process and is a constitutionally guaranteed right. Government officials are continuously making public policy decisions which affect the vital interests of individuals, corporations, religious groups, charitable institutions and other entities. Consequently, public officials need to receive factual information from affected interests and need to know such parties’ views to make informed policy judgments.

To help preserve and advance public trust and confidence in our democratic institutions and the public policy advocacy process, we have a strong obligation to always act in the highest ethical and moral manner in our dealings with all parties, and we adhere to South Carolina’s codified scheme regarding governmental affairs, “The Ethics, Government Accountability, and Campaign Reform Act of 1991.”