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Practice/Industry Group Overview

Employee benefits are a valuable, expensive, and increasingly complicated part of workplace compensation and retention packages. Nexsen Pruet's attorneys have significant skills in all aspects of benefits litigation, providing the businesses we serve with a broad-based understanding of the issues and a client-based strategy for retention.

The Pre-Litigation Process: Helping To Minimize Exposure
Often, the outcome for benefits disputes is greatly influenced by how well the claim being challenged is administered during the pre-litigation process. Our attorneys have worked with a wide range of clients throughout this process, helping them minimize or avoid the financial exposure that can result from costly litigation.

The Litigation Process: Extensive Backgrounds In Multiple Issues
Since some claims culminate in litigation, we are equally skilled in that area. Our attorneys have litigated all types of employee benefit matters, and we have defended claims and sued on behalf of employers and plan sponsors, plan administrators and TPAs, and plan fiduciaries.

Our litigation experience includes:

  • Life, health, and disability benefit claims
  • Pension benefit claims
  • Severance pay claims
  • Breach of fiduciary duty claims
  • COBRA and state continuation coverage claims
  • Claims related to plan eligibility and plan coverage
  • ERISA and non-ERISA disputes

Design And Drafting Of Benefits Plans
Proper design and careful drafting of employee benefit plans is crucial to their administration and to litigating benefit determinations. Our tax attorneys have years of experience designing and drafting welfare benefit and pension plans. We also assist clients with administration and compliance issues such as U.S. Department of Labor plan audits and investigations.

Our Attorneys:
Our Employee Benefits Guidance and Litigation attorneys are drawn from the firm's Employment and Labor and Tax Practice Groups. For more information please contact William Floyd, Sue Odom or Mike Brittingham in Columbia, Bill Wilcox in Greensboro or any of Nexsen Pruet's employment or tax attorneys.