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Diversity at Nexsen Pruet, LLC

Nexsen Pruet recognizes the importance of having lawyers that reflect the broad diversity within our client base, our jury system, our colleagues, and our community at large.  To that end, we are committed to recruiting minority candidates, reducing minority attrition, supporting minority organizations, and expanding and improving our diversity program.  We also recognize that the pursuit of a diverse workplace is, and should be, ongoing. 

As a means of promoting these interests, we created the Nexsen Pruet Diversity Scholarship Program. Prior to creating the scholarship, we completed a written plan that identified methods by which the firm could recruit, hire, and retain minority lawyers. The plan includes expanding our recruitment efforts to other law schools, increasing recruitment of lateral minority and female candidates, and continuing to develop and enhance our relationships with minority law organizations such as the Black Law Students Association.  Our goal is to identify qualified minority candidates who may be potential members of the firm.

Nexsen Pruet understands the need for and value of increased diversity, and we are strengthening and building upon our commitment to provide an inclusive environment within our firm.  As such, we will maintain a continuing focus on doing whatever we can to achieve the important and necessary goal of diversity.


Nexsen Pruet Diversity Scholarship

Strengthening the Lawyers of Tomorrow...Today

   The Nexsen Pruet Diversity Scholarship aims to:  

  • Support diversity within our firm and the bar  
  • Enhance educational opportunities for talented minorities in the field of law  
  • Inform minority law students of opportunities for private practice in the Carolinas   

The Scholarship Program will award $3000 to one or more exceptional first year minority law students planning a career in North or South Carolina.   

All scholarship recipients will be considered for summer employment in one of the Nexsen Pruet offices upon completion of their first year of law school.  Scholarship recipients are invited to re-apply for additional scholarships during their second and third years of law school.   

 Eligible students must be attending one of the following schools:

  • University of North Carolina School of Law
  • University of South Carolina School of Law
  • Wake Forest University School of Law 
  • North Carolina Central University School of Law 
  • Charleston School of Law
  • Charlotte School of Law