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Adobe PDFThe District of Columbia’s Newly Enacted Public-Private Partnership Act of 2013 (P3 Act) Establishes a Clear Procurement Process and Makes D.C. a Viable Market for Investors, Developers and Contractors Interested in Public-Private Partnership Projects.
Michael Cox, Frank M. Rapoport, Michael C. Zisa; Peckar & Abramson A Professional Corporation;
Legal Alert/Article
April 24, 2015, previously published on March 2015
As of March 11, 2015, a bill intended to expand opportunities for Public-Private Partnerships in the District of Columbia is now law. While public-private partnerships are not entirely new to D.C., they have been limited in number by a lack of regulatory guidance. The P3 Act is intended to...


Adobe PDFIt’s About Time: NY’s Public Authorities Law §1744 (2) Is Amended to Provide That A Notice Of Claim Must Be Filed After the Claim is Denied
Richard R. Volack, Charles E. Williams; Peckar & Abramson A Professional Corporation;
Legal Alert/Article
March 27, 2015, previously published on January 2015
For years, the New York City School Construction Authority has denied numerous contractors the opportunity to recover sums due and owing for work performed because they failed to file a formal notice of claim within 90 days of when their damages were ascertainable, even if they didn’t know...