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Corporate Compliance and Integrity: Protection in an environment when even innocent mistakes can incur catastrophic consequences

Contractors and other businesses are increasingly under the scrutiny of government auditors, investigators, regulators and prosecutors on the hunt for fraud, waste and abuse. In such a legal and regulatory environment, apparently innocent mistakes can be perceived as violations.

On the civil side, a contractor may be liable for damages and penalties plus the forfeiture of the contractor’s legitimate claims. On the criminal side, the result may be investigations and criminal prosecution of the contractor and its personnel.

Recognizing the importance of these issues, the experienced Corporate Compliance and Integrity Counsel Group at Peckar & Abramson offers a full spectrum of legal representation and business-oriented counsel. This includes:

  • Developing and implementing compliance programs
  • Performing independent internal investigations
  • Defending our clients in civil and criminal litigation
  • Protecting our clients’ business activities and business model
  • Developing and implementing training and education programs

Experience that benefits our clients

Our Corporate Compliance and Integrity Counsel Group includes lawyers with substantial civil fraud experience as well as former criminal prosecutors and a former federal investigative agent. Our internal investigations team of attorneys have conducted numerous internal investigations to independently determine whether clients may be at risk or may be obligated to make a formal disclosure to federal authorities.

Exemplary results in False Claims Act matters

Our False Claims Act knowledge encompasses defective pricing, labor and per diem mischarging, industrial espionage, false certifications and product substitution, among other potential violations.


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