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Diversity at Porzio, Bromberg & Newman P.C.

A Diverse Vision

A diverse workplace community serves the best interests of our clients and our people. At Porzio, Bromberg & Newman, we strive to create a professional environment and reputation that reflect our commitment to this fact. By sharing our unique perspectives and capabilities, we enrich our workplace and expand our potential. As we devote our talents to the common good, we serve our clients and each other with greater passion, creativity and effectiveness.

 Much work lies ahead in the creation of enduring diversity. The steps we take today, with confidence and the future in mind, lay a foundation for inclusion far beyond age, race and gender. Thus, we commit to employing a workforce that better reflects our diverse community. We dedicate ourselves to the continued integration of talented new employees, more effective communication, cohesive teams and professional growth across all departments. By diversifying internally, we will better comprehend the values and needs of our clients, thereby continuing to secure the financial success of the firm.

Through its Workplace Diversity Committee, Porzio, Bromberg & Newman strives to incorporate these ideals into our daily practices and infuse them in the shared spirit of the firm. The Committee shall continue to pursue ventures that demonstrate the firm’s appreciation of the strength and innovation of a diverse workplace community, one best equipped to serve the interests of our clients and our people.

Managing Principal Message on Diversity at Porzio

Diversity is a word that, in its simplest definition, means “difference.” As a business concept, it means “inclusion.” The inclusion of individuals of diverse backgrounds in today’s workplace can mean a real difference in creating an environment that is truly dynamic. Porzio, Bromberg & Newman has a proud history of serving the best interests of our clients by serving the best interests of our people, and as a firm, we recognize that our workplace environment should reflect the communities we serve. As managing principal, I want our workplace to reflect this reality. I believe that greater diversity contributes to the quality of the legal profession and increases the confidence of the people we serve. Our clients demand diversity and we are proud to be among the firms to rise to the challenge.

Throughout history, there have been those who have dreamed of the possibility of an environment in which differences are celebrated and potential maximized. Honoring diversity, however, requires more than just words or dreams. Honoring diversity requires action on the part of those dedicated to making change. Our firm, through the efforts of our Diversity Manager and Workplace Diversity Committee, is laying the groundwork to make these dreams reality. As the chairperson of our Workplace Diversity Committee, I have committed myself, and our people, to achieving the goal of increasing diversity at Porzio, Bromberg & Newman. Composed of senior level principals, associates and managers, our Committee meets frequently to evaluate our efforts and progress. As a Committee, we have established a Twelve Month Action Plan that details the steps we will take in the coming year to further the goal of increasing diversity at all levels within the firm. Our obligation, however, will not end there, because we can achieve meaningful results only over time and with honest self-reflection.

We recognize that true commitment to diversity demands establishing long-term goals not only for the recruitment of exceptional individuals of diverse backgrounds, but also for the retention of such individuals. Within five years, we anticipate that our efforts to increase diversity will be evident in all dimensions of firm life. The creation of a diverse organization is a developmental process. Each day we spend working toward that goal is another day closer to bringing down the walls that too often separate us and limit our ability to be true leaders in the legal profession.

We welcome you to visit our firm’s Diversity page at www.pbnlaw.com/pages/diversity/diversity.php to track our progress and to obtain more information on our firm’s diversity initiatives, recruiting efforts and upcoming events.