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Practice/Industry Group Overview

Procopio is a premier provider of efficient, highest-end legal services for companies embarking on their most important journeys.

Why Procopio?

Procopio rates are typically 30-40% lower than those of national and international competitors. Yet many of our attorneys come from some of the world’s largest national and international firms, where they previously charged such rates. These attorneys prefer Procopio, because of our favorable platform. Our experience is extensive. Our bench strength is deep. Our rates save you money. Just ask our clients.

“After seeing my Procopio team take on the staff of one of the world’s largest law firms and win the battle, I tell everyone I know they need to hire Procopio. Procopio’s efficiently-staffed team shepherded a complicated process to a great exit for all involved: our founders, our venture capital investors and our employees. When crunch time came, Procopio had the bench strength and expertise to stand up to everything thrown at us. Procopio got the deal closed while simultaneously resolving complicated legal issues, helping resolve business concerns and collecting closing documents from half-way around the world. While other counsel sometimes seems intent on creating issues, Procopio is adept at solving them. When it comes to M&A, Procopio is my top choice.”

- Rob McMillen, Vice President of Rhomobile, Inc. (acquired by Motorola Solutions, Inc.)

Mergers & Acquisitions

Procopio’s Mergers and Acquisitions team can efficiently handle the acquisition or sale of any privately held company--regardless of size. Our attorneys are experienced with the most sophisticated business combination transactions, including mergers, acquisitions, asset and stock sales, and recapitalizations. The firm routinely handles complicated cross-border transactions.

Procopio’s award-winning M&A attorneys stay abreast of the most recent developments in M&A transactions and trends, including typical deal points, related arguments and counter-arguments, novel legal issues and tax structuring in order to advise our clients on what’s “market” and how to negotiate the best possible outcome under the circumstances. The firm works closely with our clients to maximize after-tax returns from operations and upon exit. The firm’s business combinations practice group meets routinely to bring the full firm’s expertise to any deal issues, without charge to clients.

Our attorneys typically handle all aspects of these transactions, including drafting and negotiating the principal and ancillary deal agreements, identifying and assisting to avoid or resolve key issues, performing due diligence, advising on all relevant business, securities, tax, intellectual property, employment, compensation, real property, environmental and other transaction issues, and shepherding all aspects of the transactions to completion. And we do so at a materially reduced cost compared to competing firms, yet with comparable or better quality of legal representation and the highest level of client service. Importantly, every team member is located in California and available 24/7 on each M&A deal.

Strategic Joint Ventures

Procopio’s Strategic Joint Venture attorneys have substantial breadth and depth of experience with all aspects of strategic joint ventures, including structuring, negotiating, and closing JV transactions. These transactions typically feature multiple parties bringing different assets or skill sets together to create a synergistic business relationship. The types of strategic JV deals our team routinely handles include:

  • start-up ventures
  • operating businesses of all types that need additional financial capital, human capital or other resources to expand and prosper
  • strategic combinations of two or more businesses
  • ventures to create or develop intellectual property
  • ventures for real estate development, operation and investment
  • private equity and other types of investment funds.

The ventures with which we are involved often use a limited liability company or limited partnership as the principal legal entity to house the business, but our firm also has expertise with “synthetic” and contractual joint venture relationships that are not conducted in a jointly owned entity but instead emulate certain or many of the aspects where doing so is advantageous to one or more of the venture participants.

Our Extraordinary Value Proposition

Procopio rates are typically 30-40% (or more) lower than those of national and international competitors. That's our partner rates, and our associates rates. Just give us a call and compare. With our experience, few firms can match us, if any.

Procopio clients always stay in contact with the partners they choose and don’t get passed down to junior partners or associates to handle the work after a short “honeymoon period,” unlike many smaller to mid-sized companies that aren’t “big fish” to national and international firms.

Our M&A and Strategic JV teams typically do not use associates with fewer than three or more years of quality experience at Procopio or a national or international firm. We normally staff transactions with associates with relevant experience, which benefits clients by not charging them the cost of junior associate training. Our “bench strength” at all levels is deep.

Many of the firm’s business and tax attorneys have come to us after years at top national and international firms. These attorneys prefer Procopio because it is a favorable platform to represent their clients, based in part on favorable billings rates and staffing practices, better client accessibility, and fewer bureaucratic hurdles. Procopio is a much more conducive platform to developing relationships with companies of all sizes, relative to many national and international firms.