The German Bar Association

Deutscher Anwalt Verein
Littenstraße 11
D-10179 Berlin, Germany
Telephone: +49-30-726152 0
Fax: +49-30-726152 190


Number of Members: 68,000
Membership Is: Voluntary

Bar Profile:
The DeutscherAnwaltVerein was founded in 1871 and was dissoluted by force by the then German Government in 1939. In 1949 the DeutscherAnwaltVerein was refounded and took its seat in Hamburg. Approximately 20 years later, in 1977, the DeutscherAnwaltVerein moved to Bonn. In 2000 the DeutscherAnwaltVerein moved to the German capital Berlin. The DAV Brussels Office has been in existence since 1995.

More than 68,000 lawyers make up the DAV's membership via their membership in more than 253 local lawyers associations. Foreign lawyers and German colleagues working abroad are also welcome as associate members and can apply for direct membership of the DAV.

The DAV's executive bodies are the Members' Assembly and the Executive Board which elects the President and the Vice-Presidents.

Objectives and Tasks
As a pressure group, the DAV actively pursues any topic of political relevance to the profession through its contacts with the Ministers of Justice in Berlin and in the German Länder as well as through discussions with other government representatives. The DAV Brussels Office maintains the link to the European Union institutions.

International aspects
The aim of the international activities of the DAV is to initiate and promote cooperation between German and foreign lawyers. That is the reason why we cooperate with all lawyers associations worldwide.


Every member of the DAV has to be a member of the German Bar.

Annual License to Practice
There is no annual license to practice but a license which does not expire.

Continuing Legal Education Requirements
According to Article 1 of the Bundesrechtsanwaltsordnung, every lawyer is compelled by law to undertake continuing legal studies.

Code of Ethics
On March 11, 1997, the new code of ethics for German lawyers came into force.

Disciplinary Functions
They are solely undertaken by the body being responsible for this part, i.e. the Bundesrechtsanwaltskammer.

Practice by Foreign Lawyers

One has to distinguish between EU-lawyers and lawyers from Third Countries. EU-lawyers fall under specific provisions of the EC-law whereas non EU-lawyers usually do not posses the right to act before the German Courts unless they have been explicitly provided with the permission to do so.


Annual Conferences
There is one major conference ("Deutscher Anwaltstag")  which usually takes place in May each year. For further information, please contact the DeutscherAnwaltVerein.

Seminar Programme
Our usual seminar provider is:
Deutsche Anwalt Akademie
Littenstraße 11
D-10179 Berlin, Germany
Telephone: +49-30-726153 0
Fax: +49-30-726153 111

Journal or Newsletter
Monthly publication: "Anwaltsblatt"
Circulation: 70,000
The editor in chief is Dr. Nicolas Lührig.
Internet edition of the Anwaltsblatt:

Current Officers & Leadership

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ewer