Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Madrid

Serrano 9-11
Madrid, Spain
Telephone: +34 91 435 78 10
Fax: +34 91576 29 91


Number of Members: 59.953 (30-9-2011).
Practising: 38.269 Non practising: 21.684
Annual Cost: Practising: 160 to 412 euros (maximum). Non practising: 200 euros.
There are some reductions depending on the age of the lawyer and the number of years of membership.
Membership is: Compulsory

Bar Profile:
The main features of the Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Madrid are:

  1. To be a dynamic, modern and socially commited organization.
  2. To mantain its permanent service to justice and to the society
  3. To encourage the legal education of young lawyers and their continuing professional education in the framework of lawyers ethical rules, so that newly qualified lawyers may receive a legacy of our history adapted to todays professional tasks.

Brief Historical Background
On July 15th 1596, King Philip II of Spain granted the Royal Document which established the "Ordenanzas de la Congregacioín y Hermandad de los Abogados de la Villa y Corte". This is the origin of the Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Madrid, which on 1996 celebrated its IVth Century.

The role played by Madrid lawyers within Spanish society has resulted in a great influence not only on political but also on social and cultural matters.

The influence of the Bar Association has contributed to the genesis of other Colegios de Abogados in Spain and Iberoamerican countries.


The requirements for becoming a member of the Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Madrid are stated in art.15 Estatuto General de la Abogacia Espanola (EGAE). The individual must:

  1. be a national of one of the Member States of the European Union
  2. be of age
  3. have obtained the "Titulo de Licenciado en Derecho" (law degree)
  4. not have any criminal record
  5. pay the admission fee
  6. become a member of the professional pensions fund or of the Social Security system
  7. in the case of practising lawyers paying taxes, pay a registration fee. The taxes have to be paid annually, but these taxes are municipal and automatic and do not depend upon the Bar Association.

Continuing Legal Education Requirements
The Continuing Education Department offers the opportunity to all practising lawyers in Madrid to attend law courses, both general and specific. These courses are not compulsory.

Only in the case of a lawyer wishing to become a member of the Legal Aid turn system, must a lawyer obtain a number of credits which can they can do by participating in the Continuing Education Department courses.

Disciplinary Functions
The "Junta de Gobierno del Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Madrid", which is the governing body of this Bar Association has ethical and disciplinary funtions as far as members are conerned (art.109 EGAE).

Practice by Foreign Lawyers

Permitted under the fulfilment of specific requirements of admission, either for European Union nationals or nationals of other countries.


Annual Conferences
Contact icam@icam for information.

Seminar Programme
The Study and Research Center offers different courses about most up-to-the topics and Seminars on Legals (updated every month). Contact icam@icam for information.

Journal or Newsletter
Otrosi is the name of the monthly magazine of the Bar. Boletin includes professional articles on relevant law subjects, released four times a year. Memoria is an annual brief of the Bar activities.

Other Services

  • Specialized legal library with more than 60,000 books. Some of them have, in the course of history, influenced the development of the Law and the Legal Profession. Email:
  • Legal documentation service with the most important legal databases. Email:
  • Study and research centre to improve lawyers' initial education and ensure continuing vocational training.
  • Medical service at the disposal of the members of our Bar. Annual cost: Practising members: 30,000 pts. Non practising members: 55,200 pts. Email:

Employment registry, professional deontology, free legal advise, advise on professional fees, foreigners' law and advise, environmental law and international relations etc.

In addition to these services and departments, there are workgroups, which include lawyers practising in the same area: inhouse lawyers, labour law lawyers, family law lawyers. Other groups are made up of lawyers with the same leisure activities or cultural interests.

The Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Madrid organises different celebrations for members, for example our yearly celebration on December 8th, a summer party and other events.

Current Officers & Leadership

Excmo. Sr. D. Antonio Hernandez-Gil Alvarez-Cienfuegos

Main Officers
Vicedecano y Diputado 1
Ilmo. Sr. D. Luis Rodriguez Ramos

Diputado 2
Ilmo. Sr. D. Jose Maria Alonso Puig

Diputado 3
Ilmo. Sr. D. Juan Antonio Cremades Sanz-Pastor

Diputado 4
Ilma Sra. Dna. Maria Angeles Amador Millan

Diputado 5
Ilmo. Sr. D. Francisco Garcia-Mon Maranes

Diputado 6
Ilmo. Sr. D. Jose Ignacio Rodriguez Rodriguez

Diputado 7
Ilma. Sra. Dna. Rosa Bedregal Serrano

Diputado 8
Ilmo Sr. D. Jose M de Areilza Carvajal

Diputado 9
Ilma. Sra. Dna. Clara Belio Pascual

Diputado 10
Ilma. Sra. Dna. Casandra Vinuela Beato

Ilma. Sra. Dna. Monica Lopez-Monis Gallego

Ilmo Sr Don Carlos Fernandez-Lerga Garralda

Ilmo Sr. D. Roman Gil Alburquerque

Ilma. Sra. Dna. Elena Zarraluqui Navarro

Managing Director
D. Javier Rivera y Sar


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