The Law Society of South Australia

124 Waymouth Street
SA 5000
Tel: +61 8 8229 0222
Fax: +61 8 8231 1929


Number of Members: 2,237
Annual Cost of Membership: Varies by classification
Membership is: Voluntary

Bar Profile:
The Law Society's principal mission is to represent its members and the legal profession in general.

The Society has a responsibility to interact with Government in terms of the Legal Practitioners Act, legal representation, parliamentary and other inquiries, legal fees and costs, and legislative development.

The interests of members will be taken account of through activities associated with educational development, information, maximisation of work opportunities, specific financial and other direct benefits, and through representation of member and profession interests in wide-ranging community activities. The health and well being of members will be provided for through appropriate support programs.

The Society accepts its major statutory responsibilities which include a significant role in admission of practitioners, control of practising certificates, administration of an appropriate professional indemnity insurance scheme, responding to matters relating to professional conduct and standards, providing trust account supervision and the supervision or management of practices in difficulty or trouble, administration of the Guarantee Fund, and involvement in the disciplining of legal professionals.

The Society assumes a responsibility to uphold the rule of law, and the fair administration of justice.

It undertakes a substantial community service obligation through provision of pro-bono or low cost services, through various forms of community education, and through public comment on items of relevant public interest.

Brief Historical Background
The Law Society was established as a voluntary professional association for members of the legal profession in 1879.

Statutory Requirements to Practice

In the South Australian Supreme Court for SA residents.

Annual License to Practise
Yes - practising certificate runs on a calendar year.

Continuing Legal Education Requirements
No mandatory requirements

Code of Ethics
Yes, Professional Conduct Rules -

Disciplinary Functions
Professional Standards Section of the Law Society and the Legal Practitioners Conduct Board and Legal Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal.

Annual Conference

Legal Convention
Contact: Jennifer Fereday Tel: +61 8 8410 5865

Regular Country Conferences
Contact: Catherine Close Tel: +61 8 8410 5865

Seminar Programme
Weekly continuing legal education seminars
Contact: Catherine Close Tel: +61 8 8410 5865

Journal or Newsletter
Bulletin is published monthly.
Contact: Jeremy Beaumont, The Editor

Publications for Non-Members
Standard form documents and client / community information brochures.

Other Services
Employment register and library - the Murray Information Resource Centre.

Current Officers & Leadership

Stephen Connell

Executive Director
Barry Fitzgerald

Director of Operations
Stephen Hodder


Membership Inquiries
Tracy Coombes - Director (Member and Community Services)
124 Waymouth Street
SA 5000
Tel: +61 8 8229 0222
Fax: +61 8 8231 1929