Ministry of Justice of Ukraine

13 Horodetskogo Str.
Kiev, 01001 Ukraine
Phone: (38-044) 2441531
Fax: (38-044) 2289723


Bar Profile:
The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine is a main (conducting) organ in the system of central organs of executive power in providing of realization of State legal reform policy.

The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine in the activity follows Constitution of Ukraine, by the laws of Ukraine, acts of President of Ukraine and Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, and also the Statute on the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, dated December 30, 1997 No 1396/97

The ministry in the set order within the limits of the plenary powers decides questions which swim out from confessedly the norms of international law and international agreements of Ukraine, a consent on obligatory of which is given by Supreme Soviet of Ukraine.

The competence, functions and mission of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine are designated in Statute on the Ministry of justice of Ukraine, dated December 30, 1997 No 1396/97

Practice Requirements
The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine announces the formation of the Register of legal advisers of the state of Ukraine for the protection of the state's interests and rights in the foreign jurisdictional institutions.

The legal advisers of the state of Ukraine must meet the following requirements:

  • possess due certificates (licenses) authorising legal practice
  • possess legal practice no shorter than 10 years
  • possess experience of the representation of the state's interests, interests of the state's bodies, institutions and organizations in the foreign jurisdictional institutions
  • possess a perfect professional command of one of the official languages of the legal proceedings in the foreign jurisdictional institutions

Moreover, the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine needs the information concerning:

  • availability of certificates and licences for rendering legal services in the foreign courts
  • availability of branches (offices), representative offices in foreign countries


Journal or Newsletter

  • Ofiziyniy visnyk Ukrainy ("Official Bulletin of Ukraine") - published weekly - which makes public new legislation that has come into force.
  • Buleten Ministerstva Yustyziyi Ukrainy ("Bulletin of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine") - published monthly - publishing the scientific articles on legal issues.
  • Ofiziyniy visnyk normatyvno-pravovyh aktiv z mytnoyi spravy, finansiv, podatkiv ta buhgalterskogo obliku ("Official Bulletin of Legal Acts on law of Customs, Finance Law, Taxation law and business accounting") - published weekly.
  • Systematychne zibrannya chynnogo zakonodavstva Ukrainy ("Systematic Code of Laws of Ukraine") - published monthly - multivolume edition.

Other Services

  • drafting bills
  • to conclude multilateral and bilateral international agreements on legal assistance in civil and criminal matters, extradition
  • register the laws and the acts of local authorities
  • legal expertise of the bills
  • legal expertise of the international agreements
  • international co-operation ( including the issues regarding the integration to Europe, judicial assistance)
  • developing the adaptation of the national legislation to the legislation of European Union
  • guarantee the enforcement of the judgements
  • organization the work of the notaries
  • legalization the public associations
  • registration the international public organizations, charitable organizations, political parties, creative unions, trade unions etc.
  • surveillance over the observance the law by the political parties
  • organization the legal aid
  • registration the commissions certified by the notary
  • registration the notarial document sheets
  • registration the notaries of Ukraine
  • registration the testaments and the successions
  • registration the chattel mortgages
  • registration the public associations and charitable organizations
  • registration the immovables under a ban to alienate it

Current Officers & Leadership

The Minister of Justice
Lavrynovych Olexander Volodymyrovych

The First Deputy Minister - head of staff of the Ministry
Zaets Anatolij Pavlovych

The First Deputy Minister on contacts with Verhovna Rada of Ukraine (the Parlament)
Suprun Vasyl Federovych

The Deputy Minister
Gorbunova Lidija Mykolajivna

The Deputy Minister
Efimenko Leonid Vasyl'ovych

The Deputy Minister
Shupenia Mykola Mykolajovych

The Deputy Minister
Pasenuk Olexander Mychajlovych

The Deputy Minister
Marmazov Vasyl Jevgenovych

The Deputy Minister
Yemelyanova Inna Ivanivna

The Deputy Minister
Lutkovska Valeriya Volodymyrivna