The District of Columbia Bar

6th Floor, 1250 H Street, Northwest
Washington, DC 20005-5937
Telephone: (202) 737-4700
Fax: (202) 626-3471


Established: 1972
Total Number of Members: 84,055
Out of State Members: 32,662
Membership is: Compulsory

Bar Profile:
The purposes of the Bar shall be to aid the court in carrying on and improving the administration of justice, to foster and maintain on the part of those engaged in the practice of law high ideals of integrity, learning, competence in public service, and high standards of conduct; to safeguard the proper professional interest of the members of the Bar; to encourage the formation of activities of volunteer bar associations; to provide a forum for the discussion of subjects pertaining to the practice of law, the science of jurisprudence and law reform, and the relations of the Bar to the public, and to publish information relating thereto; to carry on a continuing program of legal research and education in the technical fields of substantive law, practice and procedure, and make reports and recommendations thereon; to the end that the public responsibility of the legal profession may be more effectively discharged.

Annual Meetings:

March 26, 2007
Bar Conference

June 2007
Annual Business Meeting

Current Officers & Leadership

James Sandman
Arnold & Porter LLP
555 12th St. NW
Washington DC, 20004

Melvin White
McDermott, Will & Emery LLP
600 13th St. NW
Washington DC, 20005

Anthony Tu-Sekine
Seward & Kissel LLP
1200 G Street NW, Suite 350
Washington DC, 20005

Elizabeth A. Scully
Baker & Hostetler LLP
1050 Connecticut Ave. NW, Suite 1100
Washington DC, 20036


Administrative Law and Agency Practice
The Administrative Law and Agency Practice Section addresses issues at the forefront of administrative law and procedure, at both the federal and local levels. It offers a diverse range of programs of interest to attorneys in private practice, government and public interest law. Committees: Education Law and Policy; Harold Leventhal Lecture; Legislative Practice; Program; Publications.
Co-Chair: Meredith Fuchs
Phone: (202) 994-7000
Co-Chair: Jonathan D. Tarnow
Phone: (202) 354-1357
Dues: $38 Membership: 1,295

Antitrust and Consumer Law
The Antitrust and Consumer Law Section deals with business competition, trade regulation and consumer protection under national, international, state and District of Columbia law. The Section's activities include programs on legal and policy issues, comments to government bodies, publications and consumer education. The Section encourages lawyers, economists, academics and students to attend its programs, and planning meetings of its Antitrust Committee and Consumer Affairs Committee. Committees: Antitrust; Consumer Affairs.
Co-Chair: Sondra L. Mills
Phone: (202) 616-2375
Co-Chair: Laura Ann Wilkinson
Phone: (202) 682-7260
Dues: $35 Membership: 1,039

Arts, Entertainment and Sports Law
The Arts, Entertainment and Sports Law Section explores the legal and business issues in the arts, entertainment, sports and media fields. It seeks to address current and relevant issues in these fields whether commercial or not-for-profit, amateur or professional. Through our seminars, educational programs and projects, the Section aims not only to create an informational network among those who practice or share an interest in media, arts, entertainment and sports law, but also to promote opportunities in these fields; to share our knowledge with students at local high schools, universities and law schools; and to strengthen the ties between the District's legal community and its rich cultural, entertainment and sports communities. Committees: Cultural Institutions and Visual Arts; Entertainment; Media Law; Membership; Music; Partnerships; Public Service and Outreach; Sports; Web Site.
Co-Chair: Dennis L. Cordell
Phone: (202) 463-2233
Co-Chair: Aoi Nawashiro
Phone: (202) 628-5197
Dues: $35 Membership: 775

Computer and Telecommunications Law
The Computer and Telecommunications Law Section focuses on current legal, regulatory and policy issues affecting cyberspace and the computer and telecom industries, including: contracting, e-commerce, licensing, computer law, intellectual property rights, information law, new technology developments, privacy, e-mail, encryption, 1st Amendment, and U.S. and international trade and trade regulation. The Section offers educational programs and materials to lawyers and other professionals in private practice, government and academia. Committees: Commercial and Government Contracts; Intellectual Property; New Technologies; Privacy, Security and Speech; Telecommunications; Trade and International Relations.
Chair: Julia A. Veach

Phone: (202) 418-1558
Dues: $35 Membership: 1,255

Corporation, Finance and Securities Law
The Corporation, Finance and Securities Law Section sponsors programs and other activities addressing issues that arise for lawyers in the context of business, not-for-profit and financial institutions, legal administration, business transactions, governance and structuring. Regulatory areas encompassed by the Section's activities include securities law, financial institution regulation, broker dealer regulation, business accounting, bankruptcy and investment management. Committees: Bankruptcy; Broker-Dealer Regulation and SEC Enforcement; Business Organizations; Corporate Counsel; Corporate Finance; Derivatives and Securitization; Emerging Business; Financial Institutions; Investment Management; Law and Accounting; Project Finance.
Chair: Arthur A. Cohen

Phone: (202) 371-7892
Dues: $45 Membership: 2,605

Courts, Lawyers and the Adminnistration of Justice
The Courts, Lawyers and the Administration of Justice Section concentrates on matters pertaining to court administration, trial procedure, the relationship between the bench and the Bar, and all aspects of the lawyer's relationship to the profession, including ethics, discipline and admission standards. The Section comments on proposed court rules and legislation and also proposes changes in legislation and court procedures. Committee: Court Rules and Legislation.
Co-Chair: Peter Buscemi
Phone: (202) 739-3000
Co-Chair: Linda E. Perk
Phone: (202) 906-8002
Dues: $40 Membership: 326

Criminal Law and Individual Rights
The Criminal Law and Individual Rights Section provides activities and information to lawyers whose work relates to the criminal justice system or civil and individual rights. The Section sponsors educational and practice-building programs and publishes a newsletter featuring articles on recent legal developments and upcoming events. The Section occasionally files amicus briefs and comments on pending or proposed legislation, court rule changes and other matters of interest to Section members. Committees: Civil Rights; Communications; Community Outreach; Criminal Rules and Legislation; Juvenile Justice; Superior Court Practice.
Co-Chair: Marlon C. Griffith
Phone: (202) 824-2438
Co- Chair: Kelli C. McTaggart
Phone: (202) 663-6105
Dues: $45 Membership: 845

District of Columbia Affairs
The District of Columbia Affairs Section serves all attorneys who live, work, or have interest in the District, and Bar members who practice before or work with the D.C. Council and the Executive Branch or the Court system. The Section monitors legislative, judicial and related legal developments affecting the District of Columbia. Other key missions are to provide a forum for the membership to network with key government officials and business and community leaders and to offer relevant professional development. Committees: Community Outreach; Legislation; Membership; Program.
Co-Chair: Charlotte Brookins-Hudson
Phone: (202) 724-8026
Co-Chair: James S. Bubar
Phone: (202) 223-2060
Dues: $37 Membership: 366

Environment, Energy and Natural Resources
The Environment, Energy and Natural Resources Section provides current information on legal and policy developments in the environmental field. Issues are addressed through regular luncheon programs, a quarterly newsletter, and a Web site. The Section covers the full range of environment, energy and natural resources issues, including enforcement trends, insurance issues, emerging regulatory issues, legislative initiatives, litigation trends, and public policy proposals. Committees: Animal Law; Community Outreach; Energy; International; Natural Resources; Publications.
Co-Chair: Sheila D. Jones
Phone: (202) 887-4000
Co-Chair: David M. WIlliamson
Phone: (202) 789-6084
Dues: $40 Membership: 1,660

Estates, Trusts and Probate Law
The Estates, Trusts and Probate Law Section, through programs, newsletters and a case digest, advises its members of judicial, procedural, legislative and practice developments pertaining to estate planning and administration. The Section assists with the development of legislation in these areas, and plans and participates in projects of interest, including community outreach, that serve its members, the Bar and the public. Committees: Community Outreach; Digest; Elder Law and Disability Planning; Fiduciary and Professional Responsibility; Legislative; Newsletter; Probate.
Co-Chair: Kimberly M. Turner
Phone: (202) 822-8888
Co-Chair: Edward G. Varrone
Phone: (202) 861-3150
Dues: $36 Membership: 1,055

Family Law
The Family Law Section offers educational programs of interest to attorneys and other professionals in private practice, government, alternative dispute resolution and academia. It promotes continuing discussions between the bench and the Bar, monitors local and federal legislation on children and families, promotes efficiency in management of family law services, and supports public service activities. Committees: Community Outreach; Legislation and Court Rules; Programs.
Co-Chair: Laurie S. Kohn
Phone: (202) 662-9241
Co-Chair: Keely A. Magyar
Phone: (202) 339-8943
Dues: $35 Membership: 531

Government Contracts and Litigation
The Government Contracts and Litigation Section provides programs to advance the development of its members and foster discussion of developments and issues affecting federal and local government procurement law and litigation. The Section also actively engages in community projects and monitors procurement reform initiatives affecting the District of Columbia government. The Section's members include judges and representatives from government, law firms and corporations. Committees: D.C. Procurement, Legislation and Policy; Federal Court and Board Practice; Government Relations.
Co-Chair: Harold D. Lester Jr.
Phone: (202) 305-7562
Co-Chair: Joseph D. West
Phone: (202) 955-8658
Dues: $40 Membership: 1,009

Health Law
The Health Law Section addresses issues of concern to government, institutional and private attorneys practicing in the health care field. The Section sponsors educational programs addressing a wide range of national and regional issues of interest to the health law bar. The Section also organizes activities designed to benefit the local community, publishes the Health Law Section E-Newsletter, and maintains a web site at Committees: Community Outreach; Programs and Education; Publications.
Chair: Dawn Crumel

Phone: 1 (800) 225-2573 Ext. 25731
Co-Chair: Lena Robins
Phone: (202) 295-4790
Dues: $40 Membership: 966

Intellectual Property Law
The Intellectual Property Law Section addresses all issues relating to intellectual property, including the fields of patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade dress, trade secrets, and related internet and new media issues, as well as international treaties and state and federal legislation, judicial decisions and agency designed to introduce new practitioners to IP law, to advise experienced practitioners of new developments and relevant trends, and to provide professional networking for all members. The Section also actively supports a number of award-winning community outreach programs. Visit us at Committees: Copyright; Legislation; Patent; Trademark; Trade Secrets.
Co-Chair: Joy R. Butler
Phone: (703) 304-2862
Co-Chair: Richard C. Litman
Phone: (703) 486-1000
Dues: $40 Membership: 2,751

International Law
The International Law Section addresses international legal issues through programs, community outreach projects and publications dealing with such matters as U.S. import and export laws, foreign investment, international finance, international antitrust enforcement, human rights, global technology issues, national security, immigration, international criminal law and public international law. Committees: Antitrust and Competition; Immigration and Human Rights; International Dispute Resolution; International Trade; Investment and Finance; Public International and Criminal Law.
Chair: Nancy L. Perkins

Phone: (202) 942-5065
Dues: $35 Membership: 1,987

Labor and Employment Law
The Labor and Employment Law Section includes lawyers representing unions, employers, employees and governments. The Section provides networking opportunities and programs on all aspects of labor, employment and benefits law, from labor-management relations in the public and private sectors to the rights of individuals. It has an active community outreach program. The Section has an E-Newsletter and Web site at employment. Committees: Community Outreach; Employee Benefits; Equal Employment Opportunity and Individual Rights; High-Tech Employment; In-House Practice; Labor and Health Standards; Labor Relations-Private Sector; Public Sector.
Co-Chair: Brian F. Quinn
Phone: (202) 589-1151
Co-Chair: Bruce Waxman
Phone: (703) 305-0322
Dues: $36 Membership: 1,846

Law Practice Management
The Law Practice Management Section focuses on the business and personal aspects of practicing law. We explore business development and marketing, work/life balance, employee relations, financial management, billing/collections, ethics, and technology. Our interactive programs address the needs of large to small firm and solo practitioners and afford lawyers from diverse practices the opportunity to exchange ideas and forge business relationships. The Section provides a newsletter and a web-based resource of member specialties. Committees: Medium and Large Firm Practice; Solo and Small Firm Practice; Technology.
Co-Chair: Jeffrey L. Berger
Phone: (202) 861-1361
Co-Chair: James E. Rocap III
Phone: (202) 429-8152
Dues: $40 Membership: 401

The Litigation Section is involved in a wide range of activities of interest to litigators and judges. It offers an extensive series of programs on litigation skills, effective advocacy, electronic discovery, litigation practice specialties, mediation and arbitration skills, and other topics; publishes a newsletter discussing topics of current interest; maintains a Section Web site; drafts comments on proposed legislation and court rules; and supports a wide variety of community outreach activities. The Section's annual events include a judicial reception honoring all members of the judiciary in the District of Columbia, and an informative Bench/Bar Forum providing an opportunity for interaction with judges of the D.C. Superior Court. Committees: Alternative Dispute Resolution; Bench-Bar Forum; Communications; Community Outreach; Court Rules and Legislation; Newsletter; Programs.
Co-Chair: Eric S. Angel
Phone: (202) 661-5957
Co-Chair: Lorelie S. Masters
Phone: (202) 639-6076
Dues: $45 Membership: 3,069

Real Estate, Housing and Land Use
The Real Estate, Housing and Land Use Section focuses on issues of interest to real estate, housing and land use practitioners through programs and publications, including a quarterly newsletter, and by providing information and comments on current legislative and regulatory changes in the areas of real estate transactions, litigation, finance, workouts, zoning and land use laws, legal opinions, and landlord­tenant relations. Committees: Community Outreach; Land Use; Legislation; Real Property Transactions; Rental Housing.
Chair: Robert W. McKeon Jr.

Phone: (202) 442-6513
Dues: $40 Membership: 1,471

The Taxation Section offers a wide variety of programs on federal and local tax issues, and engages in tax policy projects. The focus is on current developments, and programs typically include presentations by leading practitioners and key government officials in the field. Committees: Corporation Tax; Employee Benefits; Estate Planning; Exempt Organizations; Financial Instruments and Products; International Tax; New Tax Practitioners; Pass-Through Entities and Real Estate; State and Local Taxes; Tax Audits and Litigation.
Chair: Suzanne Ross McDowell

Phone: (202) 429-6209
Dues: $47 Membership: 1,775

Tort Law
The Tort Law Section maintains a strong interest in products liability, personal injury, insurance law, medical and legal malpractice and damages, premises liability, wrongful death and survivorship actions, workers' compensation, toxic torts, automobile law, civil rights, employment law and class actions. The Section offers comprehensive programs on trial advocacy and litigation skills. The Section also sponsors community outreach programs and activities. Committees: Legislation; Medical Malpractice; New Practitioners; Product Liability; Workers' Compensation.
Co-Chair: Deborah K. Hines
Phone: (202) 824-8124
Co-Chair: Samuel M. Shapiro
Phone: (301) 340-1333
Dues: $40 Membership: 478