North Carolina State Bar

P.O. Box 25908
Raleigh, NC 27611-5908
208 Fayetteville Street
Raleigh, NC 27601-2904
Telephone: (919) 828-4620
Fax: (919) 821-9168


Established: 1933
Total Number of Active Members: 22,100
Out of State Members: 3,108
Membership is: Compulsory
Membership in Other Bar Associations: Southern Conference of Bar Presidents

Bar Profile:
The State Bar was established in 1933 by the North Carolina General Assembly as an agency of the state of North Carolina empowered to regulate the legal profession. Though operating pursuant to a legislative grant of authority, the State Bar exercises its regulatory powers under the direct and continuing supervision of the North Carolina Supreme Court, which by statute is responsible for approving all of the State Bar's rules. The State Bar has no responsibility in regard to admissions to the bar, that being the responsibility of the North Carolina Board of Law Examiners, a separate state agency. Every lawyer issued a license to practice law in North Carolina must be a member of the North Carolina State Bar. All active members, including all judges, are required to pay membership dues, $265 per year. As of October, the total active membership of the North Carolina State Bar was 22,100.

In addition to its primary responsibility of promulgating and enforcing minimum standards of professional conduct, the North Carolina State Bar administers a mandatory continuing legal education program, a legal specialization program, a client security fund, an IOLTA program, a paralegal certification program and a substance abuse intervention program.

The State Bar is governed by a council of lawyers who are elected from the state's 42 judicial districts. Three public members of the council are appointed by the governor of the state of North Carolina. The State Bar Council meets on a quarterly basis and holds its annual meeting each October in Raleigh. The officers of the North Carolina State Bar are members of the Southern Conference of Bar Presidents.

October of each year
Raleigh, NC

Current Officers & Leadership

Vice President
Barbara B. Weyher
One Bank of America Plaza
421 Fayetteville Street
Suite 1200
Raleigh, NC 27601
Phone (919) 835-0900
Fax: (919) 835-0910

John B. McMillan
3605 Glenwood Avenue
Suite 500
PO Box 20389
Raleigh, NC 27619-0389
Phone: (919) 787-8880
Fax: (919) 787-8902

Past President
Steven D. Michael
4417 N. Croatan Hwy
PO Drawer 1027
Kitty Hawk, NC 27949
Phone: (252) 261-2126
Fax: (252) 261-1188

Irvin W. Hankins, III
Parker Poe Adams & Bernstein
Three Wachovia Center
401 S. Tryon St., Suite 3000
Charlotte, NC 28202
Phone: (704) 372-9000
Fax: (704) 334-4706


Continuing Legal Education Director
Debra Holland
Phone: (919) 828-4620

Membership Director
Tammy Jackson
Phone: (919) 828-4620

Disciplinary Counsel
Katherine E. Jean
Phone: (919) 828-4620