International Practice Group

EU-LEX International Practice Group


Landstrasse 38
9490 Vaduz
Principality of Liechtenstein

Telephone: +423 237 44 28
Fax: +423 237 44 29

Contact: Hiacenta Leutert

Number of Firms: 51 - 47 law firms, 14 accountancy firms
Number of Attorneys: 1122
Number of Other Professionals: 180
Principal Region(s) of Activity: Europe & North America, Republic of India, New Zealand


Friedhelm Gruber
Landstrasse 38
9490 Vaduz
Principality of Liechtenstein
Tel: +423 237 43 43
Fax: +423 237 44 29

Graham Wallace
Leytonstone House
E11 1 HR London
United Kingdom
Tel: + 44 20 8988 6108
Fax: + 44 20 8532 9020

IPG is a network of independent lawyers, accountants, tax advisers and other professionals who co-operate to transact international business cost-effectively and to the highest professional standards. IPG was established in 1992 in the United Kingdom and currently has member firms throughout Europe, the United States and Canada, Mexico, Republic of India and New Zealand and is continuing to broaden its coverage worldwide.

The Group is exclusive to Members of recognized professions, who have a high standing in their own profession and provide a comprehensive business service.

Member firms are carefully selected among highly regarded firms in major commercial centres and are united by a mutual belief in responsive, high-quality, partner-led, cost-effective advice. There is a particular emphasis on the solution of cross-border problems and all Members are required to demonstrate experience in this field as an entry requirement.

These are mostly smaller- to medium-sized specialized independent firms which can still give a personalized service. The member firms - as part of the Group and working with each other- are large enough to give the specialized service which is required, while remaining small enough to give the high-level individual service which the new breed of megafirms cannot provide.

The approach is multi-disciplinary: it is an integral part of the concept of the Group to make available services across the whole professional range required by businesses, without stopping at the border, whether between disciplines or countries. All these need to be available through Members of the Group directly or indirectly.

An assurance of high standards
Each IPG member firm offers to its clients:

  • high standards of professional competence and integrity
  • fast responses and first-class service
  • fluency in English and other languages
  • excellent resources and communications
  • experience of dealing with foreign clients
  • understanding of cross-border transactions

IPG member firms advise both corporate and private clients.

The Group Structure
The organization is led by a committee of 12 members currently drawn from member firms in England, France, the Netherlands, Republic of India, Principality of Liechtenstein, Germany, and Canada. This Management Committee is elected by the organization and is presided over by Friedheim Gruber and Graham Wallace.

The committee is assisted and all administration is carried out by a Secretariat.

To promote personal contact and better understanding between members, conferences are held twice a year, in Spring and Autumn (Fall). These are always organized in conjunction with a host, usually a member of the Group. They provide the best opportunity for members to get to know each other and potential new members and to exchange expertise and ideas. Potential members are also invited to attend conferences.

Joining IPG
If you would like to attend a conference or are interested in joining IPG, please contact Hiacenta Leutert at the Secretariat for full information.

Contacting IPG Members:
Members of the group can be contacted either via the Secretariat or the local member. If a client wishes to contact a member of the Group directly he can obtain the contact details from the Group's website.