9 Mill Lane
Shoreham by Sea
West Sussex
BN43 5AG
Telephone: +(44) 1273 455753
Mobile: +(44) 7712 841344
Contact: Quintin Barry
Secretary General
Officers: Daniël Van der Mosen, Chairman

Pablo Bonfill, Deputy Secretary General
Number of Firms: 26
Principal Region of Activity: Europe

Group Profile:

Law Europe EEIG is an association of law firms founded in 1992 specializing in Business and Commercial Law with a membership of over 800 lawyers. These provide readily accessible legal services directly in the jurisdictions where members are based and indirectly –through reliable corresponding firms- worldwide.

The types of matters handled include: crossborder transactions, commercial law, general litigation, debt recovery, taxation, mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy law, international contracts, corporate law, EU and competition law, antitrust, real property, intellectual property, energy law, environmental, insurance banking and financial law, criminal law, employment law and transport law.

Member firms will provide immediate cost-free responses to preliminary inquiries, via telephone, e-mail or fax – enabling clients to know where they stand immediately.

Member firms offer expertise in a wide range of legal disciplines, particularly relevant to the needs of the commercial client.

Quality Control:
Members must comply with Law Europe quality norms and provide an impeccable standard of service which must be reliable, efficient and cost effective for the client.

Member firms must be responsive to the needs of other Members and clients,’ providing the assistance required in a timely manner.

Law Europe is managed by a board of six managers, one of whom is appointed as Chairman by the members in general meeting. Managers are elected for a term of two years and are eligible for reelection for one further term of two years; in this way, the rotation of managers permits a wide cross section of individual lawyers to take part in the management of the group. The day to day administration of Law Europe is in the hands of the Secretary General and of the Deputy Secretary General. Both of these attend the meetings of the Board of Managers.

The members of Law Europe meet at an annual conference, held in one of the cities in which the group is represented. The conference is planned by the host firm in conjunction with the managers and the Secretary General. Member firms are encouraged to send as many delegates as possible to widen the number of close personal relationships that have developed among individual lawyers over the years.

Practice Groups
To ensure the continuous awareness of legal developments relevant to cross border transactions, Law Europe operates a series of practice groups whose members exchange information as to important changes in local laws, provide documentation for use by other members and their clients, and meet to discuss developments in the particular areas of law concerned.

Exchange Programme
An extremely successful exchange programme has been established to enable lawyers, and particularly younger lawyers, to spend time in the offices of other members to get familiar with the the local jurisdiction.

Member Firms:

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